Saturday, May 28, 2011

Earth from Sky

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Hi Kids,
The flight was quite wonderful yesterday, the first leg taking only ten minutes to hop across Georgia Strait to Vancouver, the second leg taking about 45 minutes, down into the Okanagan with its brown hills and desert-like scenery.

From above, I looked down into the heart of a mountain range, tall snow-capped peaks, crevasses, canyons under the layer of clouds we were flying through. As we neared Penticton, I was happy to see bowls of rain water nestled in the crooks and crannies at the tops  of the rounded hills. It was reassuring to know that, at least at this time of year, the wildlife in the high mountains will have water to drink.

There are wild horses here, lots of deer, rabbits, mountain goats. And yesterday we actually saw a man walking his llama along the side of the road, like a giant dog.

Having a lovely relaxed visit with Jon and Zenny, who are treating me like royalty. I will post photos of my trip on return home. And hopefully come up with some new poems.

Tomorrow we will go visit my last remaining aunt and uncle, their grandchild and her new baby.

When I get home, the push will be on to accomplish my move at the end of June. Down sizing is the operative word and that will be a good divesting of Stuff I no longer need (if, in fact, I ever did).

Thanks for hanging in. Will be home Monday and back in the saddle again.


  1. Enjoy your remaining time with family, Sherry. Your time of work will come all too soon.

  2. Peace and rest before the divestiture! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  3. This is wonderful, Koko. I can see you are having a great fun. :)

  4. No sight more calming than a man walking his llama...


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