Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Wild Woman on Peace

Every time
the Wild Woman
pulls into
the driveway,
her peace rock
greets her:

It bespeaks
in her home,
in her yard,
in her heart,
in her being,
in this life
she has made.

It reminds her
of decades
when she sought
only peace,
and was
surrounded by
people of
and upheaval.

When she finally
grew tired
of the clamor,
and stripped away
that was not peaceful,
she was left alone,
with a beautiful
big black dog.

In solitude,
she found
the peace
she had
always been

This peace rock
called to her
on the shore
of a nearby lake.
She planted it
under the rose bush
in the last house,
and watered it well.

It moved with her,
and found its  spot
at the base of the fence,
by the driveway,
a statement:
peace to all
who enter here.

Her haven
at times
has been a shelter
for others,
who needed
her quiet and her peace,
tumbled about
as she herself
had been.
She knew
just what they
most needed.

This rock will move
with her,
across the road,
along with
 the clematis vine,
now getting ready to bloom
its purple flowers.
They will
each find
their new and
perfect spot
beside the stairs.

For this
is a small
           tale of Peace..........
   to be continued.


  1. That we can name it, we can have it. May peace go with you always, you walk in the light of peace, and you never walk alone.
    The sound of foot steps right behind you. Follow you, care for you, watch out for you.

  2. Sherry, we all have rocks that move with us, I think. I wish you continuing peace!


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