Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wild Woman on Karma

The Crone by Shadowolf

Wild Woman
began her life
with a small medicine bundle,
containing only
a feather and a pebble,
to ground her
somewhere between
the earth and sky.

As she lived her life,
this bundle grew heavy,
containing bits of
all of
the people
and the places
and the creatures
she had loved.

By now,
it is
stuffed to bursting
with Memory,
and Angst,
(angst for the
remembered moments,
amidst all the shining ones,
that mortify.)

she groans aloud
at those reflected
when she was
so much less
than what she
should have been.

Yet this is her bundle
to carry -
no way, now,
to toss
those pieces

She must carry it
with her
into the next world,
spend one more
burning off
her karmic debt
(as if this lifetime's
wasnt enough!)

She must live
enough times over
to reduce the debt
to that original feather
and pebble,
with which she
started out.


  1. Sherry, this one puzzles me, although I like the images you have created and they speak to me clearly, there should come a time in each life for unburdening,


  2. I agree, Elizabeth. It is just that when I was younger and unawakened, I tolerated some behavior in myself that now, looking back, appalls me. I hope to have burned off a lot of karma this lifetime, but likely there is still some "burning" needed:)Am not heavy with it, but these words just happened to come today. I love the idea of the light medicine bundle!

  3. I love the opening stanza, the pebble and feather which places Wild Woman between sky and earth... After that introduction to her karmic journey, I had to travel this path with her for a while.

  4. This is a stunning write. It is vivid and poignant. I also have memories of those less-than-shining moments. Though they can be a burden at times they have also brought me wisdom and have shaped who I am today.

    I enjoyed this very much. :D

  5. You walk in magic Sherry. I always think of the movie "Mission" of the big bundle he carried. And at last someone stepped forward and cut the ropes that bound him. Please cut yourself free you would want no one else to carry such a heavy bundle.
    Perhaps in gaining the wisdom you have now, you have cut your own ropes, and you walk light on the earth now, the tiny bundle of feather and pebble hang around your neck, forgiving your past what you did not know.

  6. Well...this was a fascinating read. Oh my, sometimes I, too, groan aloud remembering a mortifying moment. that observation made me sit up straight. I don't know if you can clear your karmic debt in a lifetime or not, but your piece provided an interesting thought piece. Thanks for stopping by my blog...and nice to meet you. Vb

  7. Beautiful words, Sherry. We each carry a 'bundle' with our own personal journey and with your words it gives a small idea of what yours has been. Thank You!


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