Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Monastery of the Heart

[image from google]

Some days,
when the news
is bad,
when the endless
talking and
talking and talking
of the Talking Heads
makes me shake
my own
befuddled head
at the
utter futility
of all those Words
and conjectures,
all the
completely unproductive
I turn the tv off.
I do not turn on
the radio.
I live in
the sweet silence
of No Words,
and No Sound,
save those of the breeze
blowing by,
the creak of
the porch swing,
and the sweet twitter
of the small
neighbourhood birds,
the pecking
of that darned
demented woodpecker
on the tin garage roof,
the tranquil sound

I turn the noise
completely off,
(or never
turn it on),
and retreat
to the
sweet peace
of the monastery
in my heart.


  1. I so agree, Sherry. If my computer talked at me, I'd have to turn it off too. The noise of people nattering about nothing(unlike real or meaningful conversation) drives me batty. We all need a visit to that monastery of the heart. (gender-neutral, of course. ;_) )

  2. I loved this, Sherry. I've shared with you before my wish that there was more silence in my world...I think I will have to seek my own monastery of the heart to find a quiet place...:)

  3. I love the title "Monastary of the Heart." Sherry, I often do the same thing. How much more can they find to say on the 'news' about some things!

  4. I, too, seek the silence and solace you describe. My heart and mind are good company.

  5. We just had an election here, after the opposition brought down the government. The Talking Heads went ballistic. The opposition fought dirty, slamming everyone else and saying he was the only logical choice. The result: the existing government came back with a majority, and the opposition leader got so few votes, he resigned from politics and slunk away in disgrace:)

  6. This is were I yearn to live.


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