Monday, May 23, 2011

Chloe ~ Baby Album

Here is my youngest, Stephanie, with her boy, Chase


and my newest grandbaby, Chloe.

This is The Middle Child, Sanchez, looking bummed because Chloe
has commandeered his bed and his stuffies. Not impressed:)

But he lets her use him for a pillow, anyway.

He's my brudda!

First time out in the big wide world.

First Sunday hike in the woods. Gord is bringing up the rear.

Legs are too little to keep up with the Big Guys.

Chloe's First Stick!

She appears to love dandelions!

I'm TIRED, Mom! Can we go home now?

The adorable Little Man Chase


  1. Awww, so sweet! I love the rolly polly body and that oh, so adorable face! I'm the same way; they need to have their comforts and new experiences! ;-D Precious photos and the thoughts that arrive when I see this post! xXx

  2. So many lovely photos, Sherry.

  3. Can't get enough of these pictures of your pup family, Sherry. Wish we could have a dog in our apartment, but alas... I will live my "slurpy licky kisses" life vicariously through you!! Amy

  4. TC Thanks so much for the post. It made me very happy!

  5. I love puppies, and these pictures are exactly the reason why. Thanks Sherry,



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