Saturday, August 27, 2016

Woolly Mammoth

You are supposed to weigh  75  pounds,
the vet declared, with exasperation. 
But you have turned into a megafauna,
through the years,
a smiling, happy, well-fed  woolly mammoth,
because you love food too much,
and I am unable to starve you.
We have a dilemma which,
given your advanced age,
we are not too likely to resolve
to the vet's satisfaction
this lifetime.

for  Gillena's prompt at Real Toads, to write about a megafauna, a large animal over a hundred pounds, in 100 words or less.  I have been living with one without knowing it. Smiles.


  1. Oh can you resist such a face? I would have to love and feed it, no matter. Thanks for sharing, Sherry.

  2. A woolly mammoth in the making (smiles)
    Luv this write Sherry, thanks for your response

    much love...

  3. This is wonderful.. What a gentle smiling megafauna... A mammoth for sure.

  4. Aw! I have a pudgy little corgi who could stand with a bit more exercise and a few less treats. His hibernation period is the summer; it's just too hot for him to get excited over walks and he's been known to just rest under a shady tree after only being out for 5 minutes, then want to go straight home to air conditioning and his water bowl.

  5. Haha! I love it, Sherry.. having a similar problem myself.

  6. A victim of love (not all food). Appreciate this

  7. Sweet. My little dog lives to eat treats and we love giving them to him.

  8. Loving your wooly mamouth dog special poem, Sherry. Adi's doc told me she may live a year or two longer if I kept her a certain weight, on the thin side. We did good on keeping 24 pounds, just right for her sized beagle. Adi lived to be seventeen, as you wrote, "this life."
    BTW, I don't recognize the pictured dog. I would have expected Pup, but that didn't happen. I read your dear dogs run down post but not there either?
    Mrs. Jim knows if I survive her that she will be replaced with a beagle dog, a small beagle, a relative of Adi I hope.


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