Monday, August 1, 2016

Because It Is My Heart

I selected what went in with great care:
wolf howls and a shaman with wise kind eyes;
a big black wolf whose eyes and memory
never leave me; hope and love and trust in the divine,
waves rolling endlessly onto sandy beaches,
and an old-growth forest, breathing peace;
music and puppy paws, wagging tails and doggy smiles,
lions and elephants, whalesong and birds on the wing,
and I packed them all in together, leaving nothing out,
because it is everything I love, and because it is my heart.

for Kerry's prompt at Real Toads: Because It Is My Heart


  1. A Great Heartful, Sherri, and a lovely poem.

  2. Just shows these are the ones close to one's heart to be cared for and to shower with affections. We are to protect their reason to live whenever we are given the opportunity. Very much so Sherry!


  3. This is very good. Such wisdom, especially going from the title into the first line.

    Have you EVER written a bad poem?! :)

    1. Laughing out loud. I have written hundreds of them. Smiles.

  4. A beautiful package it makes, too, Sherry.

  5. And why should one not pick and choose what one keeps in one's heart? I love it Sherry.

  6. Mother Nature's best, very nice selection. My favorite is "music and puppy paws, wagging tails and doggy smiles", some of Mom Nature favorites for human companionship.


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