Monday, August 1, 2016

True Friends

Elephants never forget. Two elephants who bonded in a sanctuary when one was adult and the other an orphaned baby, when reunited 25 years later, responded with joy and definite recognition.

An elephant that bonded with a dog in a sanctuary, mourned him for a long time after he was killed by coyotes. She carried him back to the compound in her trunk, unable to leave her dear friend out there alone.

Elephants have been seen visiting the bones of their dead relatives, sometimes lifting the bones and putting them down, in a ceremony of grief and honouring.

They are fiercely loyal and protective of their young. When they perceive a threat, they form a circle, putting the babies in the centre, standing facing outward, trunks up.

They fear humans, with good reason. I cant bear to think about the physical and emotional suffering mankind has visited - is still visiting - upon creatures both wild and domestic. It is the biggest heartbreak of my life.


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