Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Talmud Angels

we are the Talmud angel
and sometimes
we are the blade of grass,
needing an angel's whispers.

we are heavy-laden,
and sometimes
we're heaped  and running over
with gifts to bestow 
upon others.

we are our own True North,
and sometimes we need
a little help to find our way.

The earth, our lives, 
our cosmic journeys ~
all are circles.
We step in
and step out again
at varying turns
of the karmic wheel.

we are our bodies,
our etheric bodies connecting us
to higher realms,
of which we are 
not always aware.
The veils part;
and we catch 
hidden glimpses.

On our journeys,
we somehow find each other.
I will be your Talmud angel
when you need one.
And, times when you
may feel alone,

Just Breathe,
upon your own blade of grass
and urge it:

an oldie from 2010, my friends, for Real Toads' Tuesday Platform, where the emphasis is on caring and sharing.


  1. That's duality for you...great write, Sherry!

  2. That's duality for you...great write, Sherry!

  3. We are, indeed, so many things... and the same thing, too, when we think of it. So many things could be better if we always remembered that.

  4. So many many thing.... yet at some times we need to get that urge to grow again, just like a blade of grass in spring... Yes what a great poem for the prompt...

  5. Oh! Beautiful! If my breathe can help angels grow and glow, I would be so happy. You will have me looking at and looking for angels forever more.

  6. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)


  7. Gee, Angels are pretty nice, we all need one. Towards the end I momentarily thought of the saying, meant to be helpful, "Take care." Most leave off the rest, "Take care of yourself." Such a cruel thing to say. Much better to tell of the Talmud Angel.

  8. This brought me such peace, Sherry. Thank you.

  9. We step in and step out again
    at varying turns of the karmic wheel.\

    It is a matter of judgement and adaptations to adjust well so as to live life to the fullest. Well thought out Sherry!


  10. Sometimes we are just plain complex.

  11. Ah, lovely and generous poem, Sherry. k .

  12. A lot of adjustments on our karmic wheel, but always worthy of riding~ I love how you expressed so many thoughts of this venture~

  13. Your posts generate so many responses Sherry that I am at a sudden loss of words.
    Except that I would rather be the blade of grass that people tread upon carelessly, and bear assaults like the trunk of an ancient tree; as an ancient Indian saying goes.
    Keep it on, Sherry blue!

  14. I wish I had your wisdom, Sherry. This poem reads like a blessing, and makes me glad to know you.

  15. Sherry, that part about being our own True North vs. needing direction? That is when I meditate on my spirit guides, yes. Moments when I am the blade of grass... for those moments, I am thankful. They teach me how to tread carefully when I am the one in the shoes. Love, Amer

  16. Very sweet thoughts Sherry! No matter how we feel at one moment, good or bad, it never lasts. Such a simple thing, a blade of grass is not so simple after all.

  17. We are sojourners passing through days where at times we hold the wisdom for another and times when we drink wisdom from another's well. As always I feel a spiritual lift from your words.

  18. So we journey on. Appreciate this.

  19. How beautiful! And how beautifully crafted.

  20. absolutely inspiring, wonderfully sung in word ! i'm appreciative and grateful that i have come to know you, mi amiga. we, i, need this type of inspiration ever too often

    gracias !

  21. Oh! This is so warm and encouraging, Sherry. Thank you. xoxo

  22. Love the idea of this poem, Sherry.


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