Wednesday, August 24, 2016


photo of 1950's Kelowna
by Don Collier

Sister Forest,
when I stand under your soft-sighing branches,
breathe in the scent of cedar,
walk on pine needles soft,
I am infused with a deep green peacefulness,
feel more blessed than in any cathedral.
I breathe in Spirit,
the breath of the ancient ones.
I breathe out gratitude, beatitude,
send a prayer skyward to the Holy One,
who created forest, shining silver sea,
the earth and sky,
and you and me.

In memory I hear bells ringing 
at evening benediction,
in a small white church so many years ago,
the sweet smell of incense,
as the censor clanks to and fro,
the look of light refracted through stained glass,
those long-gone days we thought
would for forever last.

Send gratitude and praise, my friends,
for these soft, sweet-scented 
end-of-summer days,
when blessings fall upon our hearts
like gentle rain -
these days that will not,
will not ever
come again.

for Sumana's prompt at Midweek Motif: Blessings


  1. I am inhaling deeply these blessing Sherry, thank you.

  2. Such a sense of peace and gratitude when you accept that things are fleeting...

  3. A beautiful benediction in the forest.Every day is a blessing indeed !

  4. Yes! We both take to the trees when it matters. What a splendid sensual poem this is.

  5. Beautiful lines, Sherry. It is amidst the Nature that I can communicate with the Divine more than anywhere else.

  6. Ah yes! Lovely memories and sweet regret. And indeed what a blessing to be grateful for, that those days came at all.

  7. Such peace I feel reading the words...almost calming the thought waves. ...prayerful long gone days gliding into memories...beautiful Sherry...

  8. I am breathing in all the wonderful vibes sparkling out of your words. Pure spirit, indeed!

  9. Exactly! Memories are all I have left. Thankfully I made them great enough to carry me now. Thank you for this blessing

  10. Beautiful thoughts that I have come to expect from you. I'm hoping those days will come again if not soon but when finally we shake some sense into that fearsome beast that is so destructive at present.

  11. Oh, such a peaceful poem, Sherry! I feel blessed in moments like this. Thoughts, images, words and inspiration simply pass through us, creating magic. All I can do is to try and be a worthy medium/user. Love this!Wow!

  12. i echo what 'Old Egg' said...when finally we shake some sense into that fearsome beast...
    lovely soothing words, mi amiga !

  13. We all find our personal cathedrals - a place of solace, peace, thanks and connection..but the world around is is the ultimate light - of which you so beautifully allude to here xo

  14. The truly amazing thing is that, even while humanity is rampaging across the globe, nature still showers us with her bountiful gifts. A good mother. Unawakened children.

  15. I am infused with a deep green peacefulness, feel more blessed than in any cathedral

    Gosh, this is such a beautiful and serene image :D

  16. luv how you have layered your blessings past and present and then bless your readers with a wisdom for future hope.

    Sherry; thank you for dropping in to read mine

    much love...

  17. I am infused with a deep green peacefulness,
    feel more blessed than in any the gentle / spiritual feeling.

  18. If only we each took time to appreciate the beauty of unspoilt nature and be blessed in such environment, we and the world would be much better for it, Sherry. Lovely write...


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