Thursday, August 18, 2016

Star Voyager

I swirl and swirl around the ceiling,  then it vanishes, and I am flying through the radiance of the stars, awesome Sky-World. Down below is the planet, blue and green, radiant and beautiful, at peace, a cloud-draped snapshot of the way it's meant to be, peopled by loving human hearts, everywhere a sanctuary for furred and flying and skin-covered beasts. I look again, and now an oil-spill slicks and sticks along the coast, no place to land, herons and dolphins,  seals and whales, all sputtering and gasping in the inky sticky black. Now forest fires  crackle, swallowing hillsides with flame, deer and wolf, bear and cougar, fleeing side by side in terror, no safe place anywhere. Toxic fumes thicken the grey air, larger cities obscured by smog. Fire and flood, the earth is heating up from within and without. The last iceberg melts sadly into the sea, and all the polar bears are gone. I want to un-see what I have seen, our cancer spreading across the beautiful land, and, as this is a dream, soon all is blue and green and whole again, if only it were that easy.

I fly Up, and there are Beings here who beckon me to join them, and I know, (have always known), that we are One, as bright as stars;  we are singing, each of us a note in the universal song. Then I am back in my soft bed, my eyes wide open, and for sure no longer dreaming, and I see his face before me, First Nations warrior, his eyes behind his mask so infinitely kind and wise. Oddly unafraid, I hold his gaze, beguiling, as he looks deeply, deep into my eyes, and smiling.

Oh Medicine man,
your chants on the wind sing me
ever into hope.

***   ***   ***   ***

A mixed-up attempt at a haibun, for Fireblossom Friday at Real Toads: Dreams. (Sorry for the haiku part of the haibun, Shay!) I merged two dreams into this piece. The shaman remained in front of my open eyes  for several seconds,  before fading away. I don't often remember my dreams. But I remember these two.


  1. love the hopefullness in this. beautifulway to share your dreams with us. (I really like the Haiku ;-)

  2. "(have always known)" this is sheer Truth Sherry. The Haiku is the our last refuge. So beautifully penned....

  3. what is that 'the' doing there?...brrr..

  4. I dream open eyed. Sleep rarely comes so there is only a dark curtain over dreams. You are a spirit woman and this dream fits you so well. Beautiful

  5. This a stirring dreamscape haibun, i love the end haiku. and this for me is a very potent image
    "The last iceberg melts sadly into the sea, "

    much love...

  6. The scenario of blue turning grey is a most chilling one... but we must have hope... there is no choice and hopefully we can get strength from dreams

  7. we are singing, each of us a note in the universal song...

    That is a beautiful thought to have captured.. and one I intend to hold onto.

  8. A swirl of dream, and the stuff of nightmares--I love the ending especially, Sherry.

  9. Beauty in darkness And yet there is hope... Appreciate you sharing.

  10. Sadly, Sherry, your dream is coming true. But, without the happy ending. I feel the Medicine Man, shaman, sees in your eyes one without culpable action on your part, a friend in fact.

  11. I shall have to be treated overnight for haiku exposure, now!

  12. So much beauty and hope in this, yet also sadness. I don't think I've read prose from you before, Sherry, and this is wonderful. Your haiku chant into hope at the end fits well, I especially love the music you weave into your words. Thank you for sharing!


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