Saturday, August 27, 2016


Blackbird Fly Away
by Shane Owen at deviantart

I heard an owl this morning
just before dawn,
and I thought of you,
all these decades gone:
waking to the doves' gentle coo,
me amazed at waking next to you,
with your dark blackbird heart,
so lovely in my eyes,
soaring/captive Brother eagle,
both longing for
and fearful of
the skies.

Your beauty and your pain
held my heart fast,
fire and rain, I thought would 
for forever last,
a fire of passion
felt for no one other,
a rain of tears
when you could not tell me: "Stay,"
and so I 
slowly turned
and walked away.

"No easy answers,"
was what you always said,
with your so-easy smile,
and those compelling eyes.
There was an easy answer,
but you could not say the words.
You could not choose just one sparrow,
with the sky so full of birds.

We set the doves free when I left.
Blackbird was playing on the stereo.
I loved you then,
and love you still,
though you may 
never know.

I have remained, this lifetime,
a solitary dove.
The answer was, 
Brother Dreamer,
then and always,
only ever Love.

One from 2013, my friends, shared with the Poetry Pantry at Poets Unitedwhere there is always good reading of a Sunday morning


  1. We set the doves free when I left... a poignant tale Sherry, it's true, love is the only answer.

  2. I do love this tale Sherry, so bittersweet but yet, the love that fill our hearts can protect us from the raptor's claws.

  3. Every line is beautifully wrought, Sherry, so hard to pick a favourite. The tragedy of loving is all bound up in the lines - also the fact that as hard as it may be we cannot prevent ourselves from falling.

    Your beauty and your pain
    held my heart fast,
    fire and rain, I thought would
    for forever last..

  4. Wow, this is so beautiful, Sherry, and so sad all at once. I also really like how this is structured, and the flow and rhythm of it.

  5. Love this Sherry--a slice of a memory--and how that memory is pulled into the present--beautifully said

  6. Yes love can be steadfast even after the parting. I luv this heart rendering poem. Nothing is left out. the bitter, the sweet and the love

    Thank you for dropping in at my Sunday Lime today Sherry

    much love...

  7. Some birds are too brash and loud to appreciate the wise, gentle coo of faithful, unconditional love - and yet, as ever you turn this difficult answer into something triumphant and admirable - and you soar xo

  8. This is a song of memory and sorrow, of love and loss, of unwanted freedom (from the one who holds one's heart). I'm always surprised by poems like this one. By the way in which something so beautiful can be so sad. ♥

  9. Wonderful, Sherry - and a masterful job with the rhyme. I do so love, rhyme done well, and you have nailed it, in this piece. Such a poignant poem. Yes there is beauty in sadness. That is the tug that wounded souls have on those who are full of love to give.

  10. I heard the owl this morning, I knew this would be amazing with the opening line. Sad and mournful yet beautiful. You have a good heart my friend it beats with life.

  11. Really there nothing more emotive than beautiful poetry of love. How I enjoyed reading this Sherry.

  12. Beautiful poem, Sherry ! Love goes on forever.

  13. There is joy to be had in loving, whether that love is returned or not. The joy comes in knowing that we chose to take that chance at all,


  14. Now that's a "love" poem. Absolutely beautiful.

  15. beautiful, flowing so nicely. :)

  16. Sherry, you've written a wonderful poem here. Touches the heart.

  17. "You could not choose just one sparrow,/with the sky so full of birds." Sadly, often the human condition. This will resonate with many, Sherry, myself included.

  18. The dark blackbird is back again. Though you are still the solitary dove, you are not alone Sherry~

  19. "I loved you then,
    and love you still,
    though you may
    never know."~ beautiful and touching.

  20. Visiting the Pantry poems finally, and really like this one, Sherry. I find a lot of symbolism in this poem....and think this poem must have been written about someone very special.


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