Sunday, August 7, 2016

La Loba, Sing

La Loba,
in your dark cave,
under the full moon,
Sing as you gather the bones 
of my brother and sister wolves.

Sing as you lay them down
on the ground.
Place them end to end,
tenderly, carefully,
piece by piece, 
until they are whole.
Then breathe life into them 
and watch them leap up,
joyous-eyed, tails arcing,
teeth snapping and smiling,
around the fire.

as they take my heart with them
and run away,
beautiful, laughing and free,
into the welcoming
midnight forest.

from 2013, my friends, shared with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United. La Loba is a mythical woman of the Pueblo people. I found a fascinating description of her powers here.


  1. this is absolutely stunning

    much love...

  2. A very mystical guide who sings a song. Arising the spirit of the wolves to once again run free under full moon. Thanks for the links.

  3. Hi there Sherry, Loved this... For me, your work becomes steadily more resonant... With Best Wishes Scott

  4. I was totally hooked by your opening lines. A lifetime of loving dogs gives me an appreciation of your portrait of their wilder brothers and sisters.

  5. Those last few lines really struck a chord. The welcoming midnight forest. I can see that perfectly. So evocative... it might inspire my own poem I think.

  6. Oh, I wish I could sing life into bones like that!

  7. Sometimes people come into our lives and make sense of the world - whoever and wherever they maybe - it seems you and La Loba were meant to meet ..the words free..clear..shining.. Sure..

  8. Sherry, such an enjoyable read

  9. Haunting! Someday humans may need a La Loba too.

  10. This is wonderful! You have put into words, the glory of the life force. Mystic and mesmerizing. Quite magical. Powerful writing, Sherry.

  11. You have to be firmly grounded into our natural world to write such beautiful as this Sherry. What a great joy to read.

  12. This really is so very inspiring, Sherry. You really have been inspired by the natural world!

  13. La Loba brings us rebirth and renewal- our bones are tired I feel her breathing new life here in your words.. Thank you for sharing...bkm

  14. An inspired song of being wild and free. Very nice piece, Sherry!

  15. Oh Sherry this is soo beautiful!! Kudos :D

  16. fascinating! thanks for the link.
    and wolves are such magnificent and free creatures!

  17. Perfect... I've been reading some really good stuff this week... and this piece keeps it up there.

  18. This is a beautiful share Sherry. Love the freedom of those who chose this journey.

  19. I love the wild spirit in this, the cry of freedom. Beautiful


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