Saturday, August 27, 2016

With Lunabella at the Quay

Today Lunabella discovered birds.
I showed her pigeons pecking at our feet,
she watching with amazement
as they lifted up and flew into the sky
- "Look Luna! Birdies fly!"-
After that she kept on
looking up,
as I have done since I was her age, too -
head tilted back, and grinning at the sky-
at birds, and clouds, and that
dream of endless effervescent blue,
that has kept me moving forward
all life through.

I stood holding her, Rainbow Child,
showing her bobbing boats in the canal,
its wind-tossed swells,
guitar-man singing songs
I knew when I was young,
singing into Luna's ear
the songs I've always sung,
and it hit me, in a wave, 
(and still I grieve),
already mourning
this beautiful world
that I will be missing so completely
when I leave.

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  1. To be aware of one's surroundings is already a rare talent what more overhead where many forget. That is true Sherry! The youngsters will be going further in their quest more so when shown the way in the beginning. Great!


  2. The last lines made me cry - I hate to think of you leaving..and yet such joy in the next Wild Woman..her little face ready to fly..touching the world and people around her already..hugs to you both xo

  3. i think about this much lately, mi amiga. when i leave, will i retain some of the beauty i so cherish in this mundane existence?

    touching wonderful piece!

  4. Beautiful! I remember the days watching my grandchildren discover the world; now I hope I will see their children do the same...and there is the feeling of grief that goes along with that you describe so well.

  5. So very toucbing, Sherry, and those last lines made me think of those times I'll miss with Mira when I'm gone. Love your photos of this pure, sweet, little soul.

  6. aw...she was born that day, growing fast. ..little angel Luna....closing sad note tugs at the heartstrings & i totally agree with Jae...

  7. To be so young, and filled with wonder, without the hate and jadedness that most adult carry in their hearts. May you always be filled with wonder and awe, Luna.

    Sherry, you may leave this physical shell, but your soul will always fill us, with hope and beauty. Wherever, you may move to, in the next plane of existence.

    1. Thank you, my friends. I am glad I am leaving my words behind.And hopefully not for some time yet.

  8. I relate, and I love her rainbow tutu!

  9. She is beautiful! All that you shared reminds me to fly we always must live with an open heart~ Your poem is lovely!

  10. Oh I do love this.. how wonderful to see a child exploring the world, and how bittersweet that end... lovely.

  11. I adore this poem, Sherry. it reminds me of discovering the world again through my children's eyes, but also the gentle grief in knowing the passage of time (my baby turns 21 next month)and all that I will miss when I'm gone.

  12. That fairy skirt, those eyes gazing up at the sky, bright smile given to you! Thank you for sharing sweet Luna and your "dream of endless effervescent blue" -- both are beautiful. :)

  13. After that she kept on
    looking up,
    as I have done since I was her age, too - - - - you have given her a great example.

  14. This is so happy and sad at the same time... but its implications make me happy again. Lunabella will carry memories of you, and that will always keep you here, as part of the world we both love.

  15. O I like this Sherry. So clever, recording the child's first knowledge of birds. And birds are such graceful creatures in flight. Now at the little ones feet, I know some that would climb six feet high to get away.

  16. Reflective moments of mortality. Lunabella is a little peach.Live for the moment.No one can control the future.

  17. Great photos and beautiful poem. (As for the moment of angst – you'll just have to come back, won't you?)

  18. Oh so sweet--just lovely and great pics too. (You have plenty of reason to stay on!) k.

  19. A child has all the world swirling around.

  20. How beautiful...It is such a gift to share the beauty of nature with a grandchild. My heart grieves I haven't a grandchild with eyes of wonder.

  21. Ah, makes a person feel young again when they look at the world through the eyes of a child...but, yes, one realizes as well what one will miss...


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