Monday, June 16, 2014

This Poem is a Steam Train

Our friend, the talented Hannah Gosselin, has been writing a series of poems lately, that has had me really excited. In fact, she has now created a form around her approach, which you can read about on her site, here. The form begins, "This poem is a __" and one proceeds from there. This morning, as I woke up, I had that line in my head and it began to here we go:

This poem is a steam train,
sitting at the station,
belching smoke.
The conductor yells, "All aboooard!"
and we set off.

This poem takes us on a journey.
We open our minds and hearts
to all that will be revealed.
We suspend disbelief and expand our vision
to see out the window
through the poet's eyes
and perspective.

And then, if we're lucky
 and the poet does her job well,
this poem is the train
that takes us home.

Hannah and I will be discussing her new form in a Chat Between Two Poets at Poets United in mid-July. Meanwhile, keep an eye on Hannah's site. She is onto something pretty exciting! 


  1. it is a cool series by hannah...i think it would be really cool to ride the rails and feel their rhythm again.....

  2. Steam train implies so much power. I like it and like how it brings the poem and reader home!
    Did you know that Amtrak is awarding residencies for writers on train cars? I think, though, they want to own the new writings.

  3. What a great way to begin a poem! I love your metaphor. Cool poem, Sherry

  4. I love Hannah's "This poem is" poems. She is a very talented lady.
    Your poem is a prayer and I hope that my poems someday will find its voice to take us home.

    1. Debi!! Thank you so much! I agree about Sherry's poem too and I think your poems have done just this...I'm always moved by your work.

  5. It's a lovely way to get started both into writing and reading a poem, and in your case, it's an especially lovely way to close it. Thanks, Sherry. K.

  6. Ohhhhhhhh .. I am all stoked up and ready to try this! Super write, Sherry!

  7. Sometimes that is just what I wish a poem could be.. a journey .. bringing home.. which I think you did.

  8. oooh, very cool! love it. *runs off to Hannah's blog*

  9. Love the new form, Sherry; and will definitely be checking back mid July.

  10. Trains are a trap of the mind, they carry us away in dreaming just like a good poem will.
    One thing that brings me back to earth is that a train is leashed, tied to the rails on which it has to go. Mechanically a poem should bundled up, every line and word should fit the poem's purpose and theme.
    But those rails? I crave a bit more freedom.
    How about a motorcycle? Or a riding horse?

  11. I love this form and idea! Yours is done so well and the idea of traveling and seeing the word-yes, that is what we poets do...even if it is in our back yards~

  12. Would love to hop on this train every single day!

  13. love this train ride.. :) and Hannah's idea of this new form is brilliant...

  14. I must have picked up on all these travel vibes, for this morning, I wrote THIS
    I love your train that takes us home. LOL

  15. Thank you SO much for sharing the form Sherry and for being inspired to write by it!

    I love the progression of your poem and what a perfect, perfect ending!! Excellent!!

  16. Greatly expressive write! I like the energy suggested by this steam train and I, too, think the closing stanza is perfect.

  17. I love this super new form! I may give it a try one of these days!

  18. this poet is a bag of manure, these days, but hopefully something will eventually grow :) ~


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