Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Morning

Our new filly, Reba, on the left
On the right, our boy Rowdy, surveying the morning

Summer morning
sweet-scented and blithe with birdsong,
you gladden my heart.

It is now afternoon, but Blogger was misbehaving all morning!


  1. smiles...def a nice contentedness in this...even if for a moment...breathing deep.

  2. So sweet. I didn't know you had horses. Or don't remember. Blogger was giving me problems for two days. Anyway, I think we both enjoyed our mornings without blogger.

  3. I thought if was just me - and that blogger was punishing me for misbehaving :-)
    didn't know you had horses.
    Many of your poems are about talking with animals.

  4. yes my blogger/dashboard was being a 'horses ass' for much of the morning. 'butt', in contrast this is a nice equine morning display.

    tried to insert a little snort of humor, mi amiga.

    have a wonderful and fullfilling (is that too many 'l's), weekend

  5. Happiness is living with horses!


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