Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Beautiful World

for Tony's prompt at dVerse - the repetition of a line in poetry

When sunrise reddens the morning sky,
in a sailor's warning,
do you see the mist wrapping breathtaking shawls
around the shoulders of the shivery hills?
Notice the cedar pointing poky heads through the clouds,
as if they are peering around

to see what kind of day it will be?
Hear the slap of a beaver's tail on the sleepy lagoon?
To creatures both rooted and rootless,
it must seem the most beautiful world.

When you think of red-robed monks,
walking prayerfully in the tracks of the snow leopard,
to hang prayer flags atop the snowy mountain peaks,
can you envision them gazing upwards towards heaven,
where their prayers are ascending,
then straight down to the valley floor,
where they bestow devout blessings?
Do you not agree that
it is a most beautiful world?

When noontime is lazy with the heat,
and bees buzz sleepily 
around the summer gardens,
when you bite into a ripe red strawberry
and juice drips down your chin and you laugh
as you catch the drops,
when the mourning doves call
from the top of the willow,
does it sound like they're singing:
it is the most beautiful world?

When sunset turns the horizon 
into a crimson canopy,
with accents of gold and purple,
to majestically close the curtain
on the dramatics of the day,
when the moon rises up in the indigo sky
and the stars come out winking 
like mysterious mystical messengers,
when the dark hills huddle like a sleepy giant
along the inner harbor,
and the fading song of the whippoorwill
echoes across the inlet,
is the song in your heart the same as sings in mine?
It truly is a most beautiful world!


  1. Sherry, I do think we each have to learn to pay attention to all that is in our midst & thus to appreciate all that makes up our 'most beautiful world.'

  2. i like looking up at those mysterious messengers in the sky....and the paint brush that the sky gets painted with as well...warning or is a most beautiful world...

  3. I think its a beautiful world. I'm back in the desert now, and its different from what you describe. Yet, each day I'm stunned to look at the dessert plants, the rabbits, the quail and the stillness that seems to cover us all. Each day is so special. Your poem captures that.

  4. And so it is the the most beautiful world ~ Thanks for reminding us Sherry ~

  5. Gorgeous imagery--I particularly like the visual of shawls around shivery hills.

  6. How wonderful to feel the warmth & glow of your poetic insights, share in the hope, focus on our blessings, take nothing for granted; a romantic stirring take on the prompt; I like the line /when the dark hills huddle like a sleeping giant/along the inner harbor/.

  7. It truly is and your poem highlights and captivates~
    Gorgeous and glorious view over here :D

  8. I love reading your poems .....

  9. Yes to each and every image here that invites us to join it from near and far. Thank you, Sherry.

  10. it is a beautiful world...and you touch all the senses in this one...the strawberries...hmmm.... and loved the mist wrapping breathtaking shawls
    around the shoulders of the shivery hills as well... what a felt image

  11. Sherry, if I had never met you, I don't think I would love nature so much. I gaze at trees, even here in the city, and remember their souls. I look into the eyes of city pets and think of how they probably wish they could run with Pup... Thanks so much for this, honey. Amy

  12. and it certainly is a beautiful world... Sometimes our vision gets a little bit clouded when you see all the bad happening in this world... We must not let it overshadow the beauty, and joy of earth.

  13. Very nice description of each and every finesses of nature:)

  14. Indeed and if we only open the doors and windows and take it in, these gifts are given regularly - even daily and we can rejoice in them without fee. What a beautiful poem and tribute to the nature that connects us. Thank you Sherry!

  15. A reminder that many of us need to hear; it is a beautiful world. Now, if only we could bring ourselves to keep it that way ...

    Beautiful writing, Sherry. I love the sharp images you draw in your writing here.

  16. It is indeed a beautiful world but how we are all struggling to retain the beauty and thanks for the reminder which we need so direly....a beautiful poem Sherry with so many wonderful images...

  17. Apparently blogger ate my former comment, Sherry. I wished to say how much I enjoyed your poem and your appreciation of our 'most beautiful world', from the misty morning, to the calm sunset in the inner harbor. Great and wonderful images in your write.

  18. PS - I think it is one of my favorites so far.

  19. Sherry it is a beautiful world. It is in the beauty of the world, that you find the deepest sadness….or it seems to me.

  20. Sherry, each and every "When" is worth the wait for sure. And when written like this, will be read time and again. Wonderful!

  21. I'm searching for a word to describe how this made me respond and all I can say is there are so many "delicious" images here I want to hold on to every one of them.Such a feeling of wholeness.

  22. this is amazing Sherry. Way to work in the monks :)

  23. it sure is beautiful world..loved your poem sherry:)

  24. A beautiful world indeed! I love the leisurely feel of this poem.

  25. I am sharing that song of yours in my heart. As I read it, I had the sense of hearing gentle water lapping at shorelines of my senses while the images you penned leisurely appeared and dissolved in my minds eye.

  26. It is a gift to be able to see such beauty in this world. I have come to believe, there are those who see - none.

  27. Beautiful journey through your world Sherry.....I agree it is a beautiful world...

  28. To see the beauty like you do .. yes it's a beautiful world.. and you don't need to say what it means when we don't see it and destroy it... wonderful repetition.

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  30. Sweetly put. Thanks you.

    My belated effort (I missed the cut off) is here.

  31. It truly is a beautiful world, and your poem was elegantly written - delicious.

  32. what a lovely catalog ~


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