Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blue Fire


when things fall apart,
when the center cannot hold,
when the roof caves in
when the beloved is gone

that is when your soul becomes
blue fire,
when your eyes seek the heavens
because there are more answers there
when you walk hot coals
when your heart digs deep
when you feel you're being honed
from sorrow, flesh and bone

that's when you remember
that once there was a Camelot,
when all was shiny-beautiful,
and young and never-ending
all was grace
everything was shining golden
like the sun
and life and happiness had just begun.

Then, comes the work,
as we begin again.
though we start with empty hands,
our hearts are full,
grateful for everything
that brought us here
and we search our souls
and gather up our strength
until our courage and our vision clears

for Marina's prompt at dVerse: shattering and rebuilding

Felled by fatigue again, kids.........resting and trying to keep up, but far from inspired.


  1. it takes great courage to start again....to know you once had camelot...to lose it...and begin once more...its not an easy step...and sometimes it takes time to get to...

    hope you are better soon sherry

  2. I love that part when the soul becomes the blue fire ~ There's always the work to start again and search for courage to find our journey ~ Wishing you a wonderful week Sherry ~ Thanks for your lovely thoughts ~

  3. Ah, yes. I know this process, this path. The refiner's fire has had its way with me; and just when I think, "Finally," it comes roaring back from ashes to life.

  4. That first stanza! You dug deep in my heart to find it and moved on from there. Sherry, this poem shatters the shatter and rebuilds. I cannot write it any better than this.

  5. I love the imagery, the idea of our souls still searching for a new path~ You really brought it with this one! Take care, Sherry!

  6. Like your idea of soul as blue fire... and when the center cannot hold, it's definitely time to seek answers from heaven.

  7. I am confident, knowing a bit about you, that you will feel better soon. Lovely poem. K.

  8. The blue flame is an excellent image. Trying to recall if the blue part of the flame is the hottest or coolest part. Good writing Sherry.

  9. You poem embodies the prompt perfectly. Excellent.

  10. Empty hands but full hearts... Certainly better than the reverse!

  11. Reaching back into the past for those special shiny moments, yet having the freedom to move forward--that's the balancing act. I like the blue flame image too.

  12. The image of a blue fire and walking on coal is very strong. Then healing takes work... Lots of work. So well described Sherry.

  13. it is tough to be in that place but love how you focus of the possibilities it holds as well - it takes courage to start anew... hugs sherry

  14. Sounds pretty inspired to me - and it resonates deeply - finding those reserves of strength and inspiration within yourself! Thank you for participating, Sherry!

  15. I'm so glad I read this - you have started to restore my faith in the world.

  16. the moments of 'shattering and rebuilding' wonderfully told...i also like the image of blue fire.... inspiring lines Sherry...hope you get well soon...

  17. As my friend reminded me, 'You will live until you are alive again.' ....you will be changed.

  18. I think we all have fresh starts several times in life. What seems like a 'camelot' at one time sometimes crumbles, but there is often a new 'castle' on the horizon.

  19. Such great imagery. Hope the fatigue passes and that you feel restored soon. Hugs Sherry. xoxo

  20. "Felled by fatigue again, kids.........resting and trying to keep up, but far from inspired." Oh, but your words are so inspiring! Feel better soon, blessings on you.

  21. I like the reflections on the past that shed light and muster up courage for the future. There is sadness and there is hope. Very nicely done. :)

  22. sometimes the fire does purify us - who would ever imagine that our hearts and souls can be tempered to become ever stronger. Fine poem

  23. Strange how the mystery of life -- that Camelot of wonder that seems at the beginning, the origin, of our dreams -- also figures the same motif as the end of our life as well. Inspirited by origins, we build that happy castle at our end.

  24. that Yeats poem holds a pivotal spot in my college life, Sherry - love what you've don with it. Hope you feel better soon ~

  25. " when your eyes seek the heavens
    because there are more answers there "

    Wow! These two lines just made my whole life flit through my mind suddenly as if i had hit a wall and stopped and all that was behind came stumbling on to me! I think this is what I do whenever i let myself go, look into the sky for answers...and this is what i'm constantly yearning to do too.
    Thank you for writing this...thank you.


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