Friday, June 27, 2014

Ghost Antlers

Ghost antlers, and I see your baleful stare
as you endured the moments 
till the camera clicked
immortalizing your eternal discomfiture.
And I am so sorry, now,
for thus offending your dignity.
So sorry for so many things:
the unthinking months and years
when your presence was taken for granted,
when I forgot how terminal
is loving dogs,
a hopeless condition,
as we cant help falling in love,
even though we know from the outset
it will break our hearts.

I hereby forever remove
those antlers from your head.
In Apologia,
do I send my love to you
out there in the cosmos,
where you wait,
I hope, eternally, 
for me.

for Marian's cool prompt at Real Toads: to write something inspired by the Paul McCartney video Dance Tonight about dancing with ghosts.


  1. So touching poem, he sure hears you, and yes, coming to visit...often..~ love the words you said about falling in love...

  2. Pup!!! She's sorry about the antlers, dude! :-)

  3. I'm sure you're forgiven. That's what love does. And there was love between you two. That's for sure.

  4. Very touching, Sherry. I think Pup always understood. You do lots of things for the person who loves you.

  5. Very touching write Sherry ~ Your memories of your boy pup are full of love ~

  6. Oh Sherry, this is so loving and deep. It's very moving for me.

  7. I agree so touching and sad! Pup waits, but there is much for you to do still here on the 3rd rock-

  8. gosh this has just the right tone, Sherry. i love it. what a funny photo, both funny curious and funny ha-ha :) and sweet, so sweet.

  9. They easily forgive and forget folly, but never forget you. Pup is waiting and not waiting: When you are ready Pup will be there.

  10. Oh my friend - he is waiting for you so very patiently. I know.

  11. I have a feeling Pup never minded… Do you ever notice how happy a dog is all the time - how quickly they are to wag and "smile" at us. Sweet poem.

  12. The spirits of animals certainly do abide with their owner/companions, in thought and enduring love.

  13. When I first read this I thought the antlers were something your dog was proudly sitting on -- that your love for your dog may you disrepectful of what he had found in the woods. But maybe those antlers are on the dog, are his ghost wild nature? The animal side we forget in our need for intimacy with our pets? If so, works that way too.

  14. ah it will def break our hearts to love a first best friend was a pups....i can still feel him under my head as i lean against him....the end made me smile.

  15. Dear Sherry- Very heartfelt processing of a difficult time, really warmed me. I have two dogs as well and we are not looking forward to the end game- your craft is very ornate and well constructed. Thank you for the reads!!


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