Friday, June 13, 2014

Connecting the Unconnected

If I had a magic wand,
I'd connect the scruples 
of a Monsanto CEO
with his conscience,
a logging executive
with the state of the ozone,
a canned hunter with the pain 
of the creature he shoots,
and every baby seal  hunter
with the impact of his club.

I'd send every able pair of hands outside
to pick up litter, plant trees and food,
feed the homeless,
and rescue suffering animals.

If I had a magic wand,
I would wave it towards the ocean,
and direct all the ships
to the floating garbage dumps,
mandated to pick up
what debris they could.

I would abolish any thought of coal mining
on the Great Barrier Reef
(because that would be insane!)
prohibit clearcutting, oil sands development,
and fracking, 
and the infamous oil pipeline
would no longer happen.

Emissions from industry would be 
drastically reduced by legislation,
like, yesterday! -
and - novel idea -
the rich would pay more taxes
than the poor.

If my wand was powerful enough,
I would reverse global warming,
stop the rise of water along coastal shores,
and put Band-Aids over
all the owies on earth
so they could heal.

My wand would connect every person's brain
to his heart, and every heart
would feel its connection to the earth
and every other creature.

Soon, we would be a planet of villagers.
Connection would replace disconnection.
The blinders would fall off
and every CEO would directly feel
the consequences of his decisions.

And there would not be 
enough money in the world
to staunch his pain.


  1. WOW. I will help you find the wand ... or maybe it's this poem? I will share it if you give me the OK.

  2. smiles...i hope you find that wand...perhaps wish up some compassion for fellow man...and all the creatures big and small...and our world....

  3. Your love of nature speaks loudly here...certainly good advice for any the floating garbage dump idea..all of them!

  4. Ha, if you find this magic wand and patent it, you'd have the world clamoring at your doorstep. Smiles.

  5. Can't we have some public executions?...I'll do it! :)

  6. My wand would connect every person's brain
    to his heart, and every heart
    would feel its connection to the earth
    and every other creature.

    That really sums it up for me. You should be president of the world, Sherry. You have my vote.

  7. " I'd connect the scruples
    of a Monsanto CEO
    with his conscience"


  8. oh i would love to have such a wand as well... over here in germany by the way the rich have to pay more taxes than the poor... so that is good news...smiles

  9. Kerry picked the lines I liked best...I'll take that as an example of a heart feeling its connection! And I'd vote for you, too.
    Luv, K

  10. You are an earth mother, and you will brook no more corporate BS; Good on you, 3 bravos & a Wow, for sure. A blast of idealism just makes my day;thanks.

  11. If only the wand exists ~ I like that connection with the mother earth ~ Very meaningful write Sherry ~


  12. This is a piece that speaks to the world’s collective conscience. Hopefully enough of humankind is listening and spreading their individual bits of magic - sending a message that corporate greed will no longer be tolerated. Our children’s future depends on it.

  13. Sherry - wish you could wield your magic wand - wonderful passionate poem - K

  14. Oh I wish magic wands were not at such high premium--I'd stock up. Well done, Sherry.

  15. If I had a magic wand, I'd give it to you, Sherry!

  16. so much to be done...

  17. A magic wand like that would be needed.. Or just agreeing to use our buying power to change things...

  18. According to mom, it takes a 'magic wand' to connect 'every persons brain to their heart'. Ha-ha! That's funny! But seriously, this is most compassionate! <3

  19. i started by planting flowers this morning... from seed... in organic soil... with solar heat and clean hands... would be nice to change some things in this world

  20. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your poetry.

  21. Loved this, Sherry. It's so sad that something so simple, connecting hearts to minds, seems impossible in some quarters.

  22. oof. with you ~


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