Friday, June 6, 2014

For the Trees

Whispers before dawn as, one by one, 
we emerge from the morning mist
and gather at the Kennedy River Bridge.
Around the small fire, young men in dreads 
and warm woollen sweaters, beat softly on their drums, 
in tune with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Children with rainbow-painted faces and serious eyes,
gray haired grannies with big smiles,
young and old and in-between, we gather,
for the trees,
for the trees,
for our necessary sisters, the trees, 
as the big trucks roll in
and the officer reads out the injunction,
we stand.
We will not be moved.
We are Protectors, 
standing for the trees.

I was thinking about this week's  Mid Week Motiff prompt: Public Protest, all day, as I cleaned my room and set it back in order. Thinking that it does not matter if you are one lone man, standing in front of a row of tanks, a grandmother being hauled off to jail for trying to protect the forest, or a consumer refusing to buy any food or clothing item that involves the suffering of an animal or human to produce it. It only matters that we care, and do whatever speaks to us, one small act at a time.

We are seven billion strong. Several billion aware "small acts" a day would have enormous impact.


  1. You are absolutely right--if all of us could take small acts they would quickly become big acts--a sense of momentum in your poem. k.

  2. Someone has to stand up for the trees. I saw the movie "Rio 2" with my grandchildren tonight. It was animated...but in the movie the BIRDS fought against the humans who were trying to destroy the rain forest. And the birds won! Anyway grandson and I had a discussion on the way home....about the importance of keeping the trees! Your poem makes an important point, Sherry.

  3. Love your poem manifesting your high concern for Nature preservation specially the trees. Every person should do whatever is possible

  4. we wield the strength of a thousand tanks with our pen, with our voice. speak out, write about and be persistent.

    gracias mi amiga

  5. I love your message, being protectors for the trees ~ Thanks for the reminder that small voices can make a difference ~

  6. I love your tall sisters! I fought a policeman over a tree in my yard. Don went out and took the the ribbon off the tree they had planned to cut down. Trees in the swamp were sold? Huh...
    It is important to save the trees-the sisters of our world! Beautiful and sad!!

  7. nice...i like how a movement can bring together those across a wide spectrum of society...those that would not come together otherwise will follow a common cause with a common heart.....


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