Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dear Diary

Dear Kitty,

In the attic, looking up 

through the window
at the blue sky and puffy clouds,
I dream of a peaceful tomorrow.
As I write, my sorrows disappear,
and my courage is reborn.

I don't think of all the misery,
but of the beauty that remains.

Look at how a single candle
can both defy and define the darkness.
I wish to be that candle.

Soon the war will end,
and, oh, how I dream of living!

In spite of everything,
I still believe
that people are really

good at heart.

Wait! I hear the siren.
I hold my breath

until it passes. 
But, this time, it is stopping 
at our door.
The heavy boots 
are tromping up the stairway.
My mother is weeping.
I turn to Peter for one last kiss.
I go to stand beside my father.
I watch the door and wait,
our lives suspended.

It is not the beginning of the end,
but the end of the beginning.
     and all I know is
I want to go on living,
even after my death.

love, Anne

for Susan's prompt at Mid Week Motiff: Diary Stories
I chose the best known diary in the world, The Diary of Anne Frank.
The italicized words are Anne's.


  1. I like the drama in this Sherry. But mostly I like the sense of hope - how her life went on after death. You have such a creative mind.

  2. Oh, Sherry, I think you have captured Anne's voice in this poem. She continued to hope...and hope...and hope. She dreamed, as should we all. Wonderful message, Sherry.

  3. You have written another very good poem, Sherry! I like how you weaved Anne's words and autobiographical elements into a poem.

  4. oy chilling in light of what we know comes next....though def her hope is inspiring...

  5. I love how you used her voice, such a chilling experience I can imagine ~ Good one Sherry ~

  6. To add the siren! How poignant. Sometimes I feel that moment over and over!

  7. How well you've captivated Anne's spirit Sherry...wonderful...

  8. I think you are on fire Sherry..."as I write, my sorrows disappear"...we certainly know that one, don't we?


  9. One is reminded of Anne again certainly! Nicely Sherry!


  10. soulfully spoken. this has such resonance. we have no choice but to release our teathers to the mundane and wish and hope that love lives on. well spoken, mi amiga

  11. Wonderfully written..I think it can travel through time and space..when faced with real war and the prospect of life and death we would forget our insecurities and doubts about life and simply want to keep on living

  12. Love 'single candle
    can both defy and define the darkness.' and that you want to be this candle. You are, Sherry. xx

  13. It reminds me of the accounts of Anne's diary..her secluded days in the attic... loved it..
    "Look at how a single candle
    can both defy and define the darkness."..wonderful !

  14. Inspirational and a moving poem, Sherry. !! I love 'single candle that can both defy and define the darkness'- it is indeed valuable for both the mind and the heart. Touching and poignant..I just loved this!! :)

  15. beautiful, Sherry ~

  16. Really touching true and historic-from the best known diary and so well presented. Sherry you bring out the best and every time its a classic piece. Thank you

  17. How amazing and emotive this piece is. I am sure she is smiling.

  18. Beautiful, Sherry! Your words blend so well with Anne's I didn't know who wrote which part until I read your process notes. So much hope in this :)

  19. Indeed...she did go on living after her death....such terrible terrible times...we all still carry the scars from our grandparents who lived through it.

  20. this was sad. that's all I have to say. tears.

  21. I can't imagine what they must've gone through. Sad so sad. But I love your words"Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness. I wish to be that candle" Courage and hope all tied up in those few words.


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