Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Brave Heart

AP photo

Brave heart,
who stopped
a row of tanks,
did you escape, or
were you apprehended,
swiftly silenced,
killed, disappeared?

Nobody knows,
which tells me
your shining moment
may have been your last.

Whatever your fate,
today you still stand,
in my mind's eye,
forever young and brave,
in that moment where freedom
and human rights
are non-negotiable,
whatever the cost.

Brave heart,
that row of tanks
forever stands, halted,
before you:
one small man
with a mighty heart
and a shopping bag,
whose moment 
had arrived.

for Susan's Mid Week Motif prompt: Public Protest. I had written a ho-hum one, For the Trees. But, truly, the image of this man on the tv screen, in 1989, is engraved on my heart forever. 


  1. Exactly! How you honor him! His moment arrived and he did not falter. I love how you query and then keep him alive. I hope I am ready.

  2. He is a hero but never noted as such

  3. thank goodness for those that seize that moment when they feel called upon to stand up for freedom...and some pay that ultimate price...

  4. Brave Heart Brave Soul a real loyal patriot. Sherry you have recorded and highlighted the history-One Man makes a difference' how truly proven here.

  5. Oh I remember seeing that. Great take on the prompt. What a brave wonderful young man!

  6. That action probably was a giant step for China to finally fall in step with the rest of the world. You honour him well.

  7. Oh, gosh I remember that day like it was last week!
    Yes, a very brave soul! Yes, I too wonder about him?!

  8. Sends shivers up my spine and goosebumps on my arms.
    Beautiful rendering of all our feelings.

  9. How many of 'Brave heart,
    who stopped
    a row of tanks,' ~ buried in one grave...just unknown heroes ~ really talk to grandpa was one of them, missing during WWII. ~ thanks for remembering and bringing their heroism in present time. xx

  10. I love how you personally address this young was such a magnificent of those iconic images stored in our collective memory..noticing his shopping bag made this piece even more poignant

  11. Sherry, this is an indelible image and a perfect tribute to someone who seized the moment :-)

  12. The iconic image is aptly highlighted by your words of appreciation, Sherry. Brave individuals change the course of the world, one strong stance at a time.

  13. if we could all take but a piece of this individuals intrepid heart and scream at the top of our voice speaking out about the issues we feel strongly about, imagine what we could do.

    gracias Sherry for highlighting what human courage really is.

  14. This is excellent Sherry. lat night I was thinking back to our visit to China - I think it was in 2008. I thought about this very moment. It is very interesting today the China policy. You are free to earn, free to make money, but don't criticize the party.

  15. All very sad. Thanks, Sherry. k.

  16. you've given me a great idea: to remember and honor a special figure not famous whom I'd remember from my own past btw, this was fantastic and sad. enjoyed it!!!

  17. This is a great tribute to this young man's bravery, Sherry! I heard a program on the radio about Tiananmen a few weeks ago. Some young Chinese people, born after the event, were asked what they knew about the protest. None of them could answer. How sad I think!
    I like all of your poem but the second stanza is my favorite.


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