Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Traveler has been traveling alone
for most of the journey.
Times, she sought a companion 
to help ease the passage
through difficult terrain.
But none could stay the course.
Each turned off at the nearest byway.

Traveler grew accustomed
to making her way alone.
A wolf companion stayed  by her side
for fourteen years,
the truest companionship
she had ever known.
His turning was involuntary;
they both mourned greatly.

Solitude was emptier once he had gone.
But in time, Traveler began to realize
she was never truly alone.
All around her was the ghost
of a big black wolf; he walked invisibly
by her side.

There were trees breathing peace to her,
birds on the wing
who companioned her eyes through the heavens,
reminding her to Keep Looking Up;
the moon bathed her in silver
and spread its canopy of stars
for her alone;
there were wind voices singing secret love-songs
just for her, and wave-tops lapping shores 
of forever beaches, where each one knew her name.

Alone is never lonely
as long as you love the wind,
Traveler says now, reflecting.
When you stand in an old growth forest,
when you watch the butterflies flutter by,
when you look into the knowing eye of a small red filly,
you are surrounded
by loving friends.

for Mary's prompt at Poetry Jam: Alone, a topic I must have my Masters in, by now :)


  1. Never alone. A lesson it takes a long time to learn.

  2. I think I will re-title this Never Alone. Awesome!

  3. you are always surrounded by the beauty of nature and the beauty's always a treat to read your poem Sherry ...hope you are better now.. :)

  4. Sherry, you have expressed the truth. Alone does not have to be lonely. Pup is always near you, and may his memory stay with you. And, of course, when you are among nature you are surrounded by more beauty than can ever be imagined. And here in the blogosphere as well you are always among friends. Day OR night, we are here.

  5. alone is never lonely as long as you love the wind...smiles...i like that...i def have friends among the trees as we are never truly alone....

  6. Alone is never lonely as long as you love the wind, - I love this and this just stands out, so much heart and soul and love in this.

  7. This is a very heart-felt poem, Sherry! I like what you expressed about feeling Pup's presence with you and the joys you, and we, can find in the everyday pleasures life offers such as in the 'eye of a small red filly'.
    "Alone is never lonely / as long as you love the wind" - beautiful lines!

  8. I love this Sherry. So very true. I especially love your big black wolf dog--I am sure you still miss his furry warmth.

  9. yes the wind holds the voices. someday the blow fast and some days they hold still but in this breath of life the wolf howls, the birds dance in it and the trees sway in its rythm. we are never alone even when we cannot hear the voices. in that we have known each othermi amiga, the space we shared will never be void.

    beautiful song, mi amiga. be still and listen to the wind.

  10. Beautiful Sherry...straight form the heart and offered generously as you are ever want to do...


  11. Maybe you deserve a doctorate - in writing about your lost loves, your one true wolf-love and your love of nature. You are not alone Sherry. Nature surely loves you back.

  12. Ultimately, we are all travellers making our way alone through the world. Being able to detect companion spirits and sister souls on our way is to make the hostile loneliness a bearable solitude.

    1. like this, Nicholas...make the hostile loneliness a bearable solitude.

  13. I truly identify with your thesis of never being alone once your spirituality hones in

    Thanks for the visit at my blog

    Have a nice Wednesday

    Much love...

  14. I was just thinking how pleasant it is to realize that you're loved. You are, Mom!! Deeply!!

  15. Beautiful and thoughtful. Very nicely done.

  16. Invisible Spirit Dog Companions are very real and very wonderful. The story of mine is woven into my Hawaii coming of life novel "Aloha Where You Like Go?"

    Do was given me by a Kahuna, and is still a wonderful, useful companion almost 30 years later...... Word.

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

  17. Alone is never lonely
    as long as you love the true so nicelt written

  18. Wow! You write some great stuff, Sherry.

  19. That is the right way to be alive when alone. True we are never alone.

  20. "Alone is never lonely". So true! We would all save ourselves so much unnecessary pain if we realised earlier... No one can keep pace with us but ourselves. This is great! I couldn't agree more with the message and it is neatly and nicely written. I read it like four or five times. I just love it!

  21. I feel quite alone too. It's very good to have others. <3

  22. hopeful, wise, and tender ~

  23. You will never be alone...those filled with wonder and the joy of the world is God's special gift bestowed to give to other spiritual souls...and where would you find this....amongst poets of course. A poet and true artist is always filled with that aloness.I believe it is God's way of telling us that only He through spiritual connection can fill this gaping hole. Most of us (especially me) try to quick fix it with temporal substitutes but it never lasts.


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