Monday, June 9, 2014

Walking Here With You

Tell me about Heaven,
you asked me in my dream,
your eyes and smile so kind.

With such relief I nestled in your arms,
so long have I been alone,
and without comfort.

some would say celestial music,
glorious colors, perfect peace,
streets of gold,
beauty, happiness and song.....

Angel choirs, drifting on a cloud,
wings, palaces and puppies,
dancing among the stars with
 one hundred golden moons.

But, for me,
Heaven would be
simply walking here,
with you.


  1. Heaven certainly does mean different things to different people - I like your conception of it very much: a special place and a loved one seem perfection.

  2. Beautifully expressed, true for me too!

  3. awwwwww. *breathes out, deeply*

  4. Vast and yet so very personal - heaven.
    Perfect Sherry

  5. i'm without a concept of what 'heaven' is but what i wish that it includes of when i smile it will bring a smile from you.

    gracias for this mi amiga

  6. This is so beautiful Sherry....and heartfelt....heaven for us all is so different...I feel the will be to re-unite with loved ones there first.

  7. So beautiful, Sherry. The last stanza sent shivers through me.

    Pamela ox

  8. I hear you, Sherry. Loud and clear.

  9. Heaven is where you get away with breaking the Law!! Did I mention that I'm the supreme Being?? <3

  10. I love this Sherry! Beautiful and a wonderful ending~

  11. Ah! our heaven is with our loved ones indeed:)

  12. Heavenly bliss is quite subjective, eh? We all have our own different versions of heaven. Beautifully penned. Love the imagery here. :)

  13. Sherry, I have not been around much, bad on me. But this poem, lady, you had me in tears. All I could think of was my mother, who visited me in a dream the other night. I told her I knew it was a dream, but it was still nice to share a cup of coffee and talk about nothing in particular. WAAAAAAH! I miss Mom.

    Your musings on what the afterlife would be like are all great, because everyone who believes in same pictures it differently. I do believe there is something beyond, but it's connected to us with a thin membrane in between. Otherwise, how could I hear my mom call me occasionally, "Aaaaaa-merrrr!" Love, Amy

  14. ah beautiful close....yes, it is nice to have those bits of heaven....seriously not sure i wanna go if i am in diapers singing to harps...ha....just kidding...smiles.

  15. I'm hoping for great scenery, like here, evolved souls...........and dogs!!!!!! Especially my big black one!

  16. Beautiful Sherry, I love it ~


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