Wednesday, June 18, 2014


On the longest day, small wolf cubs
peek out of the den and wobble down the bank
on their unsteady legs,
to explore the Big World.

Mama watches, lying near on the riverbank,
alert to any danger lurking in the dark green
forest, unseen.

Mother Bear leads her gamboling cubs
into the river itself,
to paw for salmon.
They splash about like bumbling cartoon bears,
making Mother Bear smile.

On the longest day,
I walk by the river
with wolf howls in my heart.
I embrace the light 
that lasts long into evening,
and comes back at dawn 
after a too-short sleep.

Life is a valley we travel,
between light and dark.
We build our lives 
in the hours of daylight,
mourn our losses
when the stars come out.
Our hearts gauge the distance
we have traveled
at every sunset.
Every morning, our eyes go first
to the sky,
to calculate 
the level of the light.

Belatedly, for Susan's prompt at Mid-Week Motiff: Light and Dark


  1. "Our" here became all three: wolf, bear, and human, on the valley floor, waking and gauging the level of light. Marvelous.

  2. nice progression in this...that last stanza brings it home is a valley we all walk...the light and dark are neither good or is what we make it...but yes, we look for the light...

  3. a great poem about the journey of life..we often have to walk in the dark and light..and that pic is precious..keep striving for the light my friend..

  4. I love the idea of the bears, wolves and you sharing the river and the morning light.

  5. Love, Sherry, how you set the scene with bears-cubs, wolves, theirs mothers, one with smile ( my fav), and then you, walking too with loving heart to all nature...~ Lovely poem.

  6. Yea though I walk through the valley ... with bears and wolves no less. You always manage to put 'life' into perspective ...

  7. I love this togetherness of the wolf cubs, their mother, the jolly bear family and the speaker bonded by the thread of life surrounded by a dark boundary and the speaker's consciousness about the truth...another beautiful poem Sherry..

  8. Ways of nature are so beautiful and we have to amalgamate ourselves in them.

  9. I like the idea that each day our eyes go to the sky to calculate the level of light. So very true. I think a person feels much more optimistic when the level of light is high.... at least I do. I like imagining the scene of this poem, seeing the bears and the wolves. New life at solstice time.

  10. The beginning of your poem made me think of Mowgli. I always enjoy reading about your connection with Nature, Sherry, and how it leads you to higher thoughts. Life is indeed a journey between light and dark. May yours be filled with more of the former!

  11. I love the end verse..i think many things are a calculation..dark and light means different things on different days..made me ponder as ever..and just love those cubs!

  12. Idyllic nature to spend the day in with an undercurrent of don't tread on me or mess with my cubs - the best recipe to taste all the flavors of the longest day.

  13. Yes every day the first thing is to look at the sky. The light or dark decides the outcome.

  14. Yes, I think we are always in search of the light…afraid of the dark…perhaps it is the early morning and sunset that is best? Sometimes the daylight is too bright…hard to really see.

  15. The first part of the poem is enchanting...and the second part is intense, Sherry. One day, I think, I would join you on these trails-- beautiful poem:)

  16. There are all sorts of sources of light and dark in our lives. Sometimes both can be found in the eyes of a's just soulful, your poem.

  17. Sherry,

    We generally meet a fair share of both light and dark in life. At times, there can perhaps be a positive seen in both elements. The need to appreciate the better times, by knowing the bad...
    Love your natural reflection upon the world of both.


  18. Wonderful, back to nature, Sherry. We don't know how much Mama Wolf may lament after dark. I feel sorry for the ones in Wyoming right now.

    Do you remember Joe Walsh, just the opposite in ALL ways:

    "Lucky I'm sane after all I've been through
    (Everybody say I'm cool) (He's cool)
    I can't complain but sometimes I still do
    Life's been good to me so far

    I go to parties, sometimes until four
    It's hard to leave when you can't find the door
    It's tough to handle this fortune and fame
    Everybody's so different, I haven't changed

  19. A beautiful poem, Sherry. A new favorite, the close especially. K.

  20. "Life is a valley we travel,
    between light and dark."

    Such a nice comparison...and I could actually imagine those wobbly wolf calves...

  21. This is wonderful Sherry. I love the scenes you sketch for us and that fantastic close.

  22. Beautifully written Sherry, specially the parting words ~ I sigh in contentment after reading your poem ~ You have been inspired lately & that's good, smiles ~

  23. Hmmm...not so belatedly as my post was just under yours! ;)

    Loved this one, Sherry. That last stanza is so rich.

  24. I love this - the authenticity, and the vistas you create.

  25. What a beautiful poem! I love , 'to calculate the level of the light.'

  26. yes, that perspective we all seek. well put ~


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