Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lost and Found

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She misplaced her life
in the lost and found,
took a random turning,
God knows why,
got hopelessly lost,
and no one came to look for her.

Enough laps around the track
- about a million or so -
and she found the opening in the maze 
and clawed her way out,
standing in the light of a new day,
battered, weary, scratched and bleeding,
but with her eyes
firmly fixed
on Hope.


  1. some times we have to claw our way out for sure...but keeping our eyes fixed on hope---that is essential...where we are is not where we have to choose to be...

  2. Great poem, Sherry! I liked how your story progressed from a grim situation into a more optimistic outcome. She may be scarred but she still has hope.

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  4. How original Sherry,
    Life as a maze, where we can lose ourselves if we want to, or get hopelessly lost.

  5. Maybe the reason was to lose the people and, therefore, find hope.

  6. Hope's the only way to do it, luv the curve of 'found' in this tale. Thanks for stopping by my blog

    Much love...

  7. One thing about mazes, one always knows that if one is lost for a time one will eventually find the way out. Even though sometime we have to claw our way, we know we will eventually 'see the light.' And yes, HOPE is key.

  8. There is always hope and we may be battered but life is an adventure.

  9. A great "take" on the prompt, Sherry. Some evocative images here. And, once again, your wordsmithing is perfection.

  10. This is SO Wonderful--I'm glad for you!

  11. hope is the source of light and's good that the speaker had Found hope...wonderful lines Sherry :)

  12. "and no one came to look for her"... sad. But sometimes a way out is still found!

  13. Yes some of us have been destined to achieve without help. Sink or swim school of life. You're swimming well Sherry:)

  14. sad, but its good that she found hope!

  15. Hope is the only thing which keeps us going..:)

  16. Life is truly a maze at times but Hope keeps us going. Loved it.


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