Saturday, December 1, 2012

Santa Train

Big excitement today, kids.
Sebastian and I went for a ride 
on the Santa train!!!!
along the "waterfront"
(read "through the pulp mill" and then the woods)

Here is the conductor counting people and trying to figure out
why too many people were aboard. 
So we had to hold our squirmy 
crowded fussy kids on our laps, after paying for two seats.
Those withOUT kids, who were sitting in the kids' seats,
were the only ones comfortable. Argh. No fair!

Santa made his way through the entire train though, talking to each child,
which was pretty thrilling for my young companion.

 Here they are negotiating a candy cane!
Sebastian said "Thank you, Santa" so sweetly. 

When we crossed the trestle high above the river
I so longed for the freedom of movement to take photos - 
I had to simply hold the camera up over my head 
and hope it captured something.

 It was beautiful, even so,
if only in small glimpses. 

Outside this house, a woman in a Mrs Santa suit 
was waving two Canadian flags 
back and forth, to our vocal appreciation.
She likely did this for every trip - three a day. Cool.

 After everyone got OFF,
I was finally able to take a couple of shots of one happy little guy.

It was totally worth being crowded in like sardines, in an open car, 
with raindrops falling on my head,
for a smile like this!

Bye, Train. Thanks!
See you next year!


  1. Now that's a Christmas treat, nice picture

  2. What a wonderful journey for you and Sebastian! I especially liked the picture of you and Santa and Sebastian. Too bad about the crowded train car though. Annoying, but looks like you had a good time nonetheless.

    P.S. I hope you asked Santa why he hadn't stopped at my house in a few years. LOL.

  3. Sebastian is adorable. His smile is certainly worth the sardine fit. Wish I could do something like this with my grandson.

  4. Your post is a lovely reflection of the spirit of Christmas. Enjoyed the tour with you and Sabastian. -- barbara

  5. What a handsome little tyke! Looks like you all had a wonderful time! I have never gone on that trip but I am thinking it would be a great thing to do... was this the one in Duncan?


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