Monday, December 17, 2012

If Not Now, When?

Friday's events were 
a blow,
a trauma,
to the entire global collective,
which needs to shift,
to evolve,
to effect
the transformation
of human consciousness
at every level.

If not now,

Our hearts grow
so weary.

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  1. Weary indeed Sherry.....i have felt a heaviness ever since the news came out.

  2. indeed - you speak the truth, but there is so much evil afoot -

    it does make us monks tired

    Thanks for your kind words. Emmett can tear it up.

  3. Keep shooting these arrows, warrior poet! The points are sharp.

  4. If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.....

  5. Achingly weary, Sherry, but what can we do, two old British Columbians?
    There are Canadians now who actually quote the second amendment to the US constitution as if guns were a Canadian's God-given right. What can we do against a world as stupid as that?
    I suspect, with no evidence whatsoever, that toxic chemicals in food and water might be responsible for the rise in violence. And don't even get me started on violent video games.
    I can't help remembering those sunny Okanagan Saturdays when my brother and I went out after breakfast and Mom didn't have to worry about us unless we didn't make it home for supper. (And even then, she kept it warm in the oven, confident we would show up.)
    Our own biggest fears were those horrible needles the doctor used for tetanus shots after we stepped on nails.
    Sigh again.

  6. So true Sherry. My heart breaks. But you're right, if not now - when do we change?

  7. We get weary and exhausted. The sad part is we can't do anything about it on our own. Hopefully it triggers off some action on those who are accountable to effect change! Nicely Sherry!


  8. There are many heart breaking news, sometimes its hard to hope for good things... your words are so true...

  9. The trouble is Sherry, it seems it is in (most) of our nature to build and to destroy. I hope one day we will all 'get it' but, have my doubts.

  10. We weep --your piece made me do so again--and yes, if not now, when?

  11. So weary Sherry...may we make that shift soon.


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