Sunday, December 16, 2012

When We Are Sorrowing


In the darkest hour,
Out of the many differences,
a coming together
in unity.

When we fear all luminosity
has been stripped away,
the finest of human goodness

Divisions fall away
when, collectively,
our hearts are broken,
and our shared humanity
is revealed.

My thoughts  while watching the televised inter-faith gathering in Newtown, Connecticut. So moving, when the young Islam boy sang. Is there anything sadder than children singing for slain children?

I just have to say, I so love President Obama. He is always so intelligent, so authentic, with such integrity. He is one of my heroes. He walks tall.


  1. I am with you on this. totally.

  2. Very moving, Sherry.
    Like Susan, agree with your comments 100%!

    take care

  3. So true and so beautifully expressed.

  4. Sherry ... he does walk tall. Thank you. We have so many grotesquely racists in this country, many in the congress that it is difficult to grasp.

  5. Dear Sherry,
    This tragedy could have happened anywhere, anytime. My heart goes out to the brave teachers and beautiful angels.

    Obama, once again, demonstrates that being a leader means you are human. And yes, I so love him and pray for his safety as he tries to tackle so many wrongs.

  6. I agree as well, Sherry. Our president is a very special man,


  7. So well expressed! Yes, he walks tall... This evoked so many feelings!
    well done

  8. I was emotionally wrecked this weekend ~ I am so thankful for prayers and I am very happy that Obama said the right words ~


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