Thursday, December 20, 2012


*photo credit below

* Ubuntu is a South African term, a humanist philosophy, of our inter-connectedness, that says when you do good, it spreads, and is for the whole of humanity.

I hold your heart
in my heart.


In your eyes
I see my own longing.

In your smile, 
lies our shared existence.


Kindness lives
at the core of you.

Feather your heart richly
with dreams.


For every need,
there's a giver.

Gifts given ripple out
like a river.

To your need,
from my heart,

From my shore to yours,

*photo credit: Doug Rea, Professor of Imaging Arts and Sciences, and freelance photographer for NGO's. Site:

On youtube there is a trailer about Madonna's film I Am Because We Are, the story of the effect of the AIDS pandemic in Malawi. You can watch it here, if you wish.


  1. nice....became familiar with ubunto as i was reading of desmond tutu and of tribal culture in africa a few years ago...i am a def believer in our interconnectedness...

  2. The fact that a Canadian citizen has used this word, shows the true spirit and meaning of Ubuntu - we are all connected through goodwill and humanitarianism.
    That's a high five from me in South Africa!

  3. so beautiful Sherry... thank you for this... indeed we are ONE. I will view the trailer. It's been a week for weeping, it does the heart and soul good to cry... it awakens us and motivates us to act in compassionate ways.

  4. Yes, we are indeed interconnected...and good done does ripple. Very nice post, Sherry.

  5. This is beautiful Sherry!! "Gifts given ripple out like a river. To your need from my heart Ubuntu. From my shore to yours." I love this!

  6. Ubuntu - what a lovely sentiment. May we all share it.

  7. Beautiful, Sherry. I've never doubted humanity's interconnectedness, I just didn't know the word for it.
    Luv, K

  8. Love the word and the philosophy, especially the shared existence in our smiles.

  9. There can never be another word like Ubuntu. It creates a bridge that spans human kindness in a land of deprivation. Nicely Sherry!


  10. This reads like a mantra for peace ~ Lovely share Sherry ~

    Wishing you Blessed and peaceful season ~

  11. Yes, we are all connected in a oneness, I just wish mose of us in the western world would 'get it'


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