Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"More, Please"

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Ella's prompt at Poets United's Wonder Wednesday is to write a poem in Dickens style about not having the Christmas spirit, like Scrooge. Before I saw the prompt, which I knew would be something about Dickens, the following poem wrote itself. It isn't in the voice of Scrooge, but a more beloved Dickens character, and I submit it in place of the Bah! Humbug - because Christmas is all about More, More, More.....right? (hee hee just kidding!)

I was the Oliver Twist child,
freckles across my nose,
hair in wisps,
eyes round and seeking
someone to say
I was
worthy of Being.

I carried my empty bowl
the long, long way
to the Grim Headmaster,
and asked
in quavering tones
that echo, still, 
down through
all the years:
"Please, Sir,
can I have
Some More?
More of Everything,


  1. I am 99.9% sure this wonderful poem is alluding to Olivier Twist rather than David Copperfield.

  2. This more, more, is not so fun, now that I am the one who must provide it!

  3. OMG! You are so totally right, Lolly. Argh. Thank you!

  4. Twisted this around, I see! An important thought for winter joy.

  5. I love this~ Yes, sign me up and where is my bowl?! Love it~
    You remind me of my cousin, who was little and went to church. When the collection plate came by, he helped himself, lol Yes, more...

  6. Oh, as kids we were all Oliver Twist in our
    Loved this Sherry and, loved your comment on mine today too :)
    Yes, mum's are never perfect but, they are (mostly) all heroes ;)

  7. I love the collection plate story - gee, a bowl of money. Cool! THAT'S the kind of bowl I need!

  8. Ohyes, perfect, I love the book and films and everything about Oliver twist

  9. We all want more!


  10. Fantastic job with this, Sherry!

  11. Oh well, it's a great poem. I love how prompts stir our imaginations and you did great with this one... at least it was from a Dickens book. And let's face it, it fits in perfectly with the Scrooge story.

  12. Sherry,

    This was delightful version of the original tale. I think you can add this poem, to your growing collection of 'Twisted Tales,' Sherry:)
    Hope you are finding the Christmas spirit already!!
    Best wishes,

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  14. Oh, very cute. Oliver is such a sympathetic character.

  15. seeking someone to say i was worthy of being...that part right there got my heart...and then the asking for it...a bit more of everything...oy, my heart strings are strumming...smiles...

  16. This is touching Sherry. Made me think of all the children, worthy of being, who need more of everything. I hope our hearts are full of more so we can give and give.

  17. More! Have you heard the song "Everything"? It's from the soundtrack of the lamentably awful Streisand/Kristofferson take on the wonderful story "A Star Is Born." She sings: "I don't want much/I just want more... give me the words and I will sing: I want everything, everything!" It includes wanting the perfect twin (one who moves out as I move in). I'm a Dickens kid, too, in a different way. As a follower of Jesus, I love giving to charities in the name of friends and family; as a committed Christian, I despise the WalMartattion of in all. You know. Feeling better, and you will see in later posts... love and thanks for all your support, honey. Amy

  18. What a great Twist on Oliver! :o)
    Merry Christmas!

  19. When I was growing up there was't enough really, so I would have been in line with Oliver with my bowl


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