Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ho-Ho-Ho-ping for a Christmas

The December sky
is bleak,
bleak to the homeless soul
seeking a sheltered corner
in which to 
pass the night.
The jingle of
the Christmas bells
jangle his nerves
and ring false
in ears
that are listening
for someone to say:

"Come in, you are worthy."

Of course, this photo breaks my heart. 
Humans can at least access services 
and try to get some help, but animals 
are helpless, and they dont get a vote 
about being on the street.
However, that furry creature's love
may very well be
the most devotion this young person
has ever known. 


  1. It really must be so hard to be homeless at Christmastime...but you are right about the animals. They ARE helpless. The photo of that young man and dog is a heart breakers.

  2. Point(s) taken. Beautifully written.

  3. Oh, this welled up my eyes, Sherry. You have a precious heart...xoxo

  4. Sherry, someday all our hearts will form a ring holding hands to comfort each other.

    Gracias mi amiga

  5. Ah, sometimes it is the pet that makes the person homeless! Volunteering at a homeless kitchen I met a young family who camped out by the river with their German Shepherd. They were there by choice because there were no places for them to rent that would allow a big dog. They had lost their home to the economy, but they weren't going to lose their dog! And this I understand.

  6. You have touched my heart! You always do...
    Thank you Sherry for showing us the reality~
    Some year I just wish I could volunteer for Christmas and show my kids what is real! Maybe next year...
    they are getting old enough to see!
    Thank you!!!

  7. The picture is touching ~ Here in Toronto they round up the homeless and those begging in the streets in a shelter ~ I am not sure about lost animals though ~

  8. You know my thoughts and words here. It is too hard for me to write them. I hope my friend that this finds you feeling reasonable. (((hugs)))

  9. It's always upset me that so many homeless use dogs as a way of attracting attention to them to give them money. I saw so many badly treat their dogs, it made me quite jaded about whether they did really care about them or not. I suppose it all depends on each individual. It used to bother me that a homeless person couldn't take care of themselves, what chance did a dog have and yet, you can see, some of them really do love their dogs. Like the one in the picture. It just upsets me that the dogs don't have a choice of whether they would like a nice warm home or not.
    Very thought provoking post Sherry.


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