Saturday, December 15, 2012

Love Is In the Details

"Love is in the details," she smiles,
pressing one halved walnut piece
into the center of each shortbread cookie.

The old dog sits, nose upturned,
eyes level with the table,
fixed and unswerving,
alert for any falling scraps.

Steam fogs the windows;
beyond, winter darkness 
blots out the landscape.
I put the horse 
into the barn early, tonight,
the chill air making her eager
for the sound of the stall door
closing behind her ample rump,
the sound of her chomping an apple
loud in the moment before
the barn door is closed
against the winter night.

In the house, 
the striped cat curls regally
under the bushy tree,
batting at the low-hanging  cows 
and cowboy Santas.
Colored lights warm the room
and, on the sideboard, 
candles flicker.
We bask in the glow
of Christmas Present,
and the poignant memories
of Christmases Past.

How many more will I be allotted?
"Yes, Love is in the details," I return,
with a smile.

Brian's prompt, at dVerse Poets Pub is intriguing tonight: to write a poem using descriptive detail to build a scene. 


  1. what a wonderful little scene...i was rather fond of the horse chomping the apple sound...ha...and her ample rump....guess that happens to most of us...smiles....luckily our cats have left the tree alone this year...but i liked seeing your cat in there...and the warm light of the flickering candles.....could see it all...well done is in the details...ha...i like that...

  2. Christmas present and Christmas past....and so much in between! We must bask in what is...and what isn't.

  3. I love your detailed scene here, Sherry...very homey and warm feeling. No, we never know how many more will be alloted and it doesn't really's just the love that we've lived. Thoroughly enjoyed your write.

  4. You have created the scene perfectly. I am there. The dog, the horse (I'm jealous!), the warmth, the love and the thought to consider--how many more? Yes, we must enjoy the details while we can...

  5. you know..that makes me wanna move out in the countryside, get a horse and a cat and bake christmas cookies for the rest of my life...beautiful warmth in this sherry

  6. ...and yes..the love IS in the details...smiles

  7. Evocative of that moment when the christmas tree is heaved in and the decorations rustled out from the corner of cupboards. Our tree was dressed yesterday!

  8. ..very fascinating and real i'm recollecting memories from the past christmases after i read this... great offering... smiles...

  9. I love the Christmas details here Sherry ~ Smell of winter, sounds of the barn door and glow of Christmas present and past ~ Hopefully a lot more years and loving memories ~

  10. When seasons are full, and love as rich as you painted here, I often think "Even if not one more is allotted, this was enough."

  11. A beautiful Christmas you have given me, thank you Sherry, and may you also be blessed!

  12. this Sherry. Love sure is in the details.
    I loved the horse being eager to get into her barn...and the apple she's happily chomping on. The cat snuggled under the is all such a warm, cosy scene.
    A lovely write.

  13. This is an incredibly sweet poem. Thanks much. k.

  14. i love the feel of this, Sherry!

    wishing you a very merry Christmas!


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