Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Limerick

There was a young lad, a Berliner,
who kept getting thinner and thinner.
He said, "Mother Dear,
it's abundantly clear,
you must cook something nicer
for dinner."

This is what Christmas merry-making has come to, kids. A limerick! I will soon blog about our revels, and look forward to visiting all of you as well.


  1. Love your limerick Sherry! Thanks for the well wishes for Christmas....I hope you had a blessed Holiday! :-)

  2. Ha, this made me laugh, Sherry.

  3. When I heard that young Lad, a Berliner, tell his mom to cook better things for dinner,
    I thought: he learned to walk and talk and spend--
    and now a hand he'd better lend
    or we'll all call him a sinner!
    (and he can forget about dinner!)

    (he hee)

  4. What Susan said!

  5. hahaha...might should given her cooking lessons for limerick sherrie...

  6. Excellent! More power to the limerick writers!

  7. Fun one Sherry ~ Hope you are enjoying your holiday ~

  8. Hey, it's a really good limerick, Sherry!

  9. but it's not risque` LOL

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