Wednesday, December 5, 2012

There Be Creatures There

*an Axolotl from google

At Real Toads, Ella has given us the coolest challenge: to write a poem about a fellow Toad and see if others can guess who she is. I have no short term memory, so in order to remember details, they have to be really unusual. This may give it away right off the bat. Here we go: 

This little fellow may 
greet you at the door.
And there be creatures there
with toe pads that cling
to smooth surfaces.
Take care one doesn't fall
down your neck.

A precocious child
rules the hearth
and communes
with her
lovely spotted dog.

And someone with a guitar
is totally rockin' out
in the living room.

A Green Thumb
works overtime
in the summer garden
and home is 
where the heart is,
but her favorite place
is the open road. 


  1. Is it Mama Zen? I really don't know! I love your alien lizard ;D
    Or is it Coal Black?

  2. Love it, great poem for someone wonderful, I'm not sure who though :)

  3. Hmmm.. I'd also guess MZ as keeper of geckos and mother of Baby Puppy.

  4. Sounds a bit familiar . . .

    This is a hoot, Sherry!

  5. Yup - Mama Zen! I didnt use the word gecko, too much of a giveaway! Wikipedia told me it's the critter with toepads that cling to smooth surfaces - who knew?

  6. Ah Mama the descriptions..

  7. ... as Cosmo Kramer used to say ... 'oh mama!'

  8. Mama Zen! She IS rather inspiring :)

  9. her favorite place
    is the open road.


  10. Super poem, Sherry. I'd have to guess MZ, too, because of the geckos and Baby Puppy.
    Well done!


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