Friday, November 30, 2012

Real Life

This is what a real life looks like:
it's heroic.

Within the space 
of four years,
her brother-in-law died
in a logging accident.
Her step-daughter
had a teenage baby
she could not
care for,
that she - his grandma -
is now raising.
Her parents died,
in a car accident.
Then her brother died.

Her husband
went back
to drinking.
Then, he left.

Recently, her grandson, 
now age four,
has been diagnosed 
with autism.

And, bottom line,
what this woman
takes away from all of this
is what a gift 
that unexpected baby was,
who traveled with her through
the worst years of her life
and colored her heart
with love.

True story, kids. Just one more pilgrim, on the path. 
Not thinking she's doing anything out of the ordinary.
Saving lives.

* puzzle piece symbol  created by the National Autistic Society


  1. This is a lovely story Sherry, heartbreakingly lovely.

  2. Insightful reminder. The struggles of the common fully lived, is heroic indeed!

  3. And is she now so aware of the blessing? Thank you for showing this side of heroism, sainthood, normal daily life among the connected!

  4. A switch flips,
    then we are different;
    and SURPRISE!
    Sometimes UN-reasoningly

    Aloha Blessings
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

    ><}}(°> ~

  5. Amazing how much is packed into a life, Sherry!

  6. Some people just keep positive through whatever they encounter....somehow. They amaze me. The average person would be beaten down.

  7. Oh this is such an eye opening story.. we keep complaining about little things and see what a heroic life she leads...thank you for sharing this story....

  8. Wow. I look at these lives and wonder how I would survive under similar circumstances. Life is a series of heroic acts for some. And some among these live with such joy too. Life is amazing.

  9. A test of nerves and resolve of the highest order. There are those facing unfortunate situations but not complaining. How is it there are whiners on the slightest discomfort expecting sympathy from others? Nicely Sherry!


  10. So many sad things in a life, if we live long enough we will experience many, too. We are amazing after all.

  11. If it weren't for all the pain, the gifts would not be so sweet.

  12. Yep, there's a reason for everything... sometimes we just can't see it right away.

  13. What a strong woman ~ May her child continue to fill her heart and life with blessings and smiles ~

    Happy weekend ~

  14. Everyday heroes. Human resilience is an amazing thing.


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