Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sunrise over the Serengeti

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Climb in.
Put your leg up and over,
use the ropes, good,
find your spot.

As we lift up into the sky,
swing your gaze to the east,
and let the magic begin.

Know that there 
has never been 
a more beautiful moment
than being here, 
right now,
watching the sun rise
above the  early morning plains.

At Poets United, Ella has set us a task for Wonder Wednesday:  to write about a place in such a way that others can guess its location. This is a trip I have enjoyed vicariously, as my friend made it, and thought of me when she was there.

You all guessed it......Check out Lynette's fantastic photography over at Imagination Lane. She happens to have some fantastic shots of animals in the Serengeti posted right now:)


  1. Hot air balloon ride? I wanna come too.

  2. Over African plains! Let's do it together one day :)

  3. I liked this. I agree it's a balloon ride. Sounds fantastic.

  4. Three entries so far at P. United. and we are all climbing high altitudes, but yours sounds so peaceful.

    This is lovely. Thank you for the breath taking view, Sherry. : )

  5. Ha, if it is a hot air balloon ride, I won't be accompanying you. LOL.

  6. I have to go with the majority, air balloon ride?

  7. Though hot air balloon makes perfect sense, my initial thought was of an elephant-back ride. Can't wait for tomorrow :)

  8. I want to go... :D
    I do think it is a hot air ride and I know you would love to go to Africa! Sounds wonderful...

  9. I would think it's a balloon ride too! Nicely Sherry!


  10. My favorite time of the day Sherry ~ I want to come and see the sky magic ~

  11. Ha! I made it too easy - yes, my friend Lynette, at Imagination Lane, had her dream come true when her husband took her to Africa - they saw all the animals, and the pinnacle moment was - get ready for it - drifting across the Serengeti in a hot air balloon. She said as she was drifting, the sun was coming up and she thought of me. So in a way, I was there too. When they came down they had a champagne breakfast - with tables and full table linen - on the veld.


    I will now post a photo that includes a balloon, for full effect.

  12. Wow Sherry beautiful....would like a ride too.....

  13. Had to work today and missed all the fun guessing. Still fun to imagine this, though.

  14. My balloon ride was a PhD present, a sunset ride with champagne: I looked into the clouds while held in the arms of the wind watching for celestial choirs when tired of seeing swimming pools and howling dogs below. Oh! I think that is my poem. A few tweeks and I am posting it!

  15. Wow, the is magical!
    I am putting this on my bucket list :D

  16. Serengeti Balloon Safaris is a truly amazing experience. Have done that many years back....:)

  17. Wow!! I want to ride in a hot air balloon. Where I lived in Oklahoma was close to a launch site for them. We would go out on our patio and wave and say hello to them as the went over our house.


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