Sunday, November 21, 2010


[photo by Jon Merk]

Sunday morning
lies still
beneath its
winter blanket.


  1. Not real! (covers eyes) Not real!!!


  2. Oh, it is WAY too early for winter. Sigh.

  3. Wow! It is way too early for winter!

  4. Lol. It's snowing here too Sherry. Hope it doesn't settle.

  5. Your first haiku...yay! Very nicely done...perhaps snow is inspiring for you, in spite of its nuisance factor...LOL!

  6. Lovely words; Snow comes when it wants to! I remember when we moved to Alaska. It was Columbus Day and we had flurries. The weather people kept saying just flurries. Ended up being 13" of snow, the first flurries of the season! Crazy, the base we lived, still was in session.
    My husband was lucky and didn't have duty. We made pancakes and snow people and helped shovel and dig the neighbors out. I blame Alaska and all that snow, for my bad back. I grew up in Maine, lots of ice and snow~

  7. Your house looks so idyllic,'s so nice to see...congrats on the laminate....The snow pulled my little crew outside too...luckily I had all the right equipment (8 boots, 8 mitts, 4 coats, 4 ski-pants and 1 bright orange sled!)
    Cheers and enjoy the peace of snow...Erikia


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