Saturday, November 20, 2010

Winter Fields


Snow has crept all down the hills now in this valley, and this morning it was standing room only waiting for one's turn to get their winter tires put on. The South Island already has snow, my youngest daughter reports, sitting cosily beside her fire this chilly morning. Mid-Island we are expecting it to get very cold tonight and to snow tomorrow.

The mountain passes in both directions are deadly in snow and ice; we are not looking forward to it. They have been telling me the predictions are this winter will be the worst in fifty years. Yikes!

My son Jon sent these photos from the Okanagan, where he and Zenny spend most weekends out in the wilderness, nearly year-round. These deer were so unconcerned with their presence, they were able to get quite close to them.

Some of them were still reclining during the photo shoot. 

This winter Jon equipped Zenny in camo gear so now she can trek with him
without freezing half to death.
(Would you believe this tiny girl is the one who
dismembers and cuts up the elk carcasses?
And helps pack them out of the bush?)

Since Jon was ten, he has loved the wilderness: hiking, camping, fishing, boating. In recent years, he added hunting to his list of pursuits. [As far as I know, no animals were hurt during this photo shoot:)]

Off to check out the terrain.

And finally home again, snug and sound, where Yogi
is happy to have them back.


  1. How interesting, Sherry. As you were writing about Winter Fields, I was writing about Golden Fields - and they say we're a world apart!

  2. Snow? Brrr! Anybody is welcome to my share... :)

  3. Those deer seem so magnificent. Blend well into the background. Wonder what they would do with the snow and ice covering up the grass ...

  4. Beautiful photos and write-up, Sherry! I love deer.


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