Thursday, November 11, 2010

Family Gatherings

[Posted for the Think Tank Thursday prompt : Family,  at Poets United]

When our family
gets together
there's a lot of cackling.
So much so that
the newest member,
at age one,
once cracked us up
from the back seat
of the car
where he was observing
our discourse
and loud laughter:
"Blah blah blah,"
he said, bored,
and then he cackled,
and we were all

Around the table
we're a band
of feisty women
with opinions,
coming from
a long line
of strong-opinioned
We called
my grandmother,
The Brigadier.
The men
are sadly
and observe,
in quiet.
They know
what's good
for them:)

hoots of laughter,
lots of stories.
"Remember when.......?
Grandma dropped
the turkey
getting it out of
the oven?
The camera-man's
caught fire
in the middle of
the wedding
from leaning
too close
to the candles?
When Uncle Ralph
fell off the boat
holding the wine jug
and came up
laughing and spluttering,
the jug still in
his hand?
When I fell
in the ditch
in the dark
walking the dog
and got the giggles
so bad
I couldnt climb
back out?
When Someone
Who Shall Be
(not me!)
drank too much
red wine
and tried to climb
the Christmas tree?...."

When our family
gets together
there is
lots of laughter
(and no dearth
of material
for my writing!:))


  1. There is nothing quite like a family special! You captured it perfectly.

  2. Wonderful poem. "Blah blah blah," accompanied by cackling from a one-year-old would crack me up - totally sounds like he knew what he was saying. And interesting, the "strong-opinioned" women vs quietly smiling men.

    I miss those sorts of gatherings in my family, we used to have fun when we came together; now there's too many burned bridges, or fences to be on opposite sides of...

  3. "The men are sadly outnumbered"...doesn't take much--I've been outnumbered before by just ONE woman!

  4. The men in my family hear you, Timoteo!!! hee hee. Any one of us=too many women! I enjoyed this one......and we have another gathering coming up at Christmas. Gotta polish up the stories!

  5. I am very much looking forward to a room of cackling this upcoming holiday:) xo

  6. hahaha! this is great :) love the stories...who tried to climb the tree? lol


  7. My family of origin is the opposite. "Pass the potatoes" and "how is work?" are about as racy as it gets. My father's sisters, my aunts, were different, they were big laughers, big smokers, big card players. I adored them.

    The baby's comment is hilarious.

  8. Oh, Sherry, your family brought back memories to me~ My father crawling on the floor singing
    Old MacDonald had a Farm" My Mom n' her neighbor drinking(I was in college, my brother 12) My Mom had a mess of dishes. We started cleaning them up and her friend, so
    "NO, get your red wagon and we will take them up to my house and put them in the dishwasher". In 6 inches of snow, they hauled my old
    red wagon up the road. Imagine her husband getting up the next morning to discover a red wagon in the kitchen floor with 1/2 cleaned dishes. They didn't add any soap. lol

  9. Are we related was what I was going to ask?! I love this tribute to your clan and the crazy, zany memories!
    Love that you shared these; So wonderful. Really climbing the Christmas The neighbor I mentioned, came down on Christmas eve we were making homemade ice cream. She wanted to join in. She was so funny; My brother drove up and said, "What is Carol doing outside, she is lying in the snow, singing Christmas carols and making snow angels". I went out and walked her home. Never dull on our street!

  10. Ellie, if not by blood then in spirit. Your comments made me laugh out loud. I relate especially to the neighbor lying in the snow singing and making snow angels. I think maybe she and I are secret twins!! Fireblossom your hard smoking aunts and uncles are like mine - real characters, full of life - a hoot. The baby was one very smart baby, he is now an ancient four year old. Lisa, will tell you privately who climbed the tree, though you may well guess. (It wasnt me, but you know that - had it been, I would have never lived it down. Mothers must maintain SOME slight dignity!:))Steph - yes, lots more cackling to be done.I love that you inherited my cackle!

  11. What a wonderfully lively family you have. Sounds like you all have a great time. I can just hear the cackles!

  12. It sounds like you have an interesting family there, Sherry.

  13. Sherry,
    I think you probably look forward to and treasure family gathering times, cackles and all included!!
    Preserve the memories....

    A very uplifting read!

  14. Sherry,
    What a lovely piece about your family.

  15. the image evokes warm family feelings.
    blessings for you and your family.

  16. Your family memories warm my heart. Some of your stories sound like they could have taken place with MY family!

  17. Lovely, lovely stories of your clan
    related with great elan
    Wonder about the Christmas tree
    did it brave the assault
    red wine charged, and maybe some malt
    or did it fall, crushing thee!

  18. Wonderful. Your family sounds a wacky as mine!

  19. sherry, nothing truly compares to a warm family gathering. that is the time when we shed all pretensions. there is unconditional acceptance. :)


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