Saturday, November 6, 2010


[I have been spending a lot of time reading all of the Blogblast for Peace entries yesterday
and today. I took a break this afternoon
to drive around getting photos of the after-Hallowe'en pumpkins people put out alongside the roadways to grin at passing motorists. I always so enjoy the sight of them
alongside the highway. They pop up in the most
unexpected places, midway between towns, up on cliffs, at the summit halfway between here and the coast..........

Having recently read Fireblossom's The Resentful Chicken,
loving it and finding it hilarious, I must have been  inspired by it because , while I was driving along, I began to think like a pumpkin. This is the result - kinda scary but fun. With apologies to Fireblossom for never being able to reach her level of  writing or humor, but with thanks for showing me how to push back the edges just a little and step somewhat outside the box:)]

We spend so much time
developing ourselves
learning to really Be Pumpkin
to wind up like this??
Just find us
to be,
a pumpkin patch
where we'll be safe from
the glazed and crazed
of eye
who come at us
with sharp knives
every October
and call it fun.

Sometimes they even
while they're doing it
and it really
creeps me out.

Junior! Stop jumping up and down!
You're going to
knock us all
to smithereens!
Sister! Dont poke the baby!
Don't  make me
come over there!

They fry my seeds
-my children!-
in butter
and eat them.
A barbaric species, really.
Whatever happened
to live and let live?

We survive the heat,
the floods,
the over-watering,
the forgetting to water
for what?
To get thrown out with the trash
to be
eaten by bears
at the landfill!
Or left
by the side of the road
-  at least
passing motorists
at us
as they go by.
But we know our days are numbered
till the winter rains smash us into pulp.

There's this one woman
who totally Gets It.
She's starting a movement
to save the pumpkins.
She's a little odd,
but you gotta appreciate
her good intentions.

Peace, out. Till next year.
Hang onto your innards!
If you can!
I've tossed a seed or two
they couldnt get
to ensure
my line continues.
With luck,
the Movement
will be in time
for my progeny.
I'd love to live to see it:
a world that's safe
for pumpkins
and all

(Question: why do they call it humanKIND?
Have you seen the way they LOOK
when they come at you with those


  1. Lol...I loved this! What a wicked sense of humour you have! :-D

  2. I had fun with this one! Peace for Pumpkins!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting (TravelingMermaid) but I believe we know each other through my other (poetry) blot, Zouxzoux. :)
    Crazy serendipity, huh?
    I've visited here a few times since I found you through Poets United, I believe it was. You have a great voice & I look forward to more visits.

  4. I loved this, Sherry. What a grand splash of orange a pumpkin makes. They are all too human with their toothy smiles :)

  5. Hehehehe. Friggin hilarious. Who knew pumpkins had all these thoughts? I thought their heads were empty!

  6. i so super-loved this !! :) :)
    the imp in you is blossoming and giving a real tang to your writing.


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