Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mess and Upheaval and Stuff, oh my!

I am in the middle of A Great Upheaval in my teensy trailer. For years, I have been pining for laminate flooring to cover the 45 year old very worn green lino it currently sports. My sister kindly bought some for me for my birthday and I saved  the money from my income tax refund  to have it installed.

It should have been done in good weather, of course, and before Jas had her operation, so the dogs could be in the yard. But this is my life we're talking about, so the first contractor had us wait all summer then, this fall, stood me up three weekends in a row. I had already ripped my place apart to be ready for him, so my house has been upside down now for actual months. Grrrrrr.

So I lined up someone else who might actually appear.

He will begin tomorrow so I have been  moving more stuff out of the way, dismantling my stero etc. (ack! no music!)  so he can work. I have no where to put anything, and he needs my porch to cut boards on. So my little extra room is full, no space to walk, with books, dvd's and cd's. The teeny amount of actual floor in my bedroom has the accumulation of things I value and dont want broken, and the stuff for Christmas that I have been gathering. This means, when I want to get something out of the closet, I need arms five feet long to reach over all the stuff on the floor.

My sister decided since everything is bare and ripped apart, now is the time to paint it, so she is gifting me with the painting of the living room and hallway for my Christmas gift. (My sister is a very thoughtful and generous gal!)

Also, since this is my life we're talking about, the rains have come. The woman starts painting today and her husband will start laying the floor tomorrow (painting still going on around him, how's that going to work?) and as if that isn't enough melee to have going on, I somehow have to keep two very large dog bodies out of the way. Jas has to be in because of her surgery, and Pup  cant be in the yard because of the rain or on the porch because of construction. I think I may be spending a lot of time with them in this room, hiding out with the door shut. Pup, who is wolfish, is not going to enjoy that one bit. He hates loud noises and he gets claustrophobic indoors, though he does deign to come in at night and when the weather is nasty.

Plus I get antsy when things are not in their places and this has now been going on a long time while I waited for Contractors Who Didnt Come.

Oh well this cant go on forever. Unless I've died and this is the hell that was prepared for me:)

When painting and floor are done (whu-hoo!), I will paint the bathroom myself. Then put everything back together.

I just took some Before pictures and they are very scary indeed. Will post them with the glorious After pictures when it is all done.

Stay tuned!


  1. Oh, poor Sherry! I had to chuckle at this acoount..can just imagine all that going on in one small trailer..but you do have my sympathy! It's going to look wonderful for Christmas, though, isn't it? Can't wait to see the before and after pictures. Hang in there...:)

  2. that sounds topsy-turvy alright but i'm sure it's all worth the trouble. i can't wait for the before and after pics. :D

  3. Staying tuned and hoping that eventually all is well. (I do hate transitions!)

  4. Put on your metaphorical monk robes.


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