Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Petal by Petal

Radar Hill at Sunset, Clayoquot Sound

[My brain seems to have gone into hibernation with the first snows, so I am posting this poem from the past, a time when poems flowed faster than my fingers could keep up. My Muse is slower now. Some might say she is fast asleep:) So I'll share one of my moldy oldies, of which I have a fat binder full.]


Does one ask
a flower to grow?
I just let it be,
letting it unfold
as it unfolds,
petal by petal,

I take care
not to thwart
the solitary splendor
of its blooming,
a flower glows
just as brightly
in an empty lot
as when my eyes
turn upon it
to share
the sudden sweetness
of its garden plot.

As petals catch the wind
and dance under the sun
so do you glow.
Your beauty
casts a clear
and steady light
that does not dim,
and it shines more,
the more I come to know.

We touch elusively
as fragile stems
holding up heavy blooms,
nodding in the breeze.
The blooms are our two lives.
From underneath
their precarious weight
our hands emerge
like leaves.

Your solitude
speaks to
the peaceful
in me
and deep within
my quiet heart
I can feel
something gentle
yearn to be
set free.


  1. I enjoyed reading this poem Sherry. I also love the fact that you can drag a poem out from so far back. Isn't wonderful to find these treasures and watch them unfurl yet again like a new flower? Thank you for sharing!

  2. Lovely poem, Sherry. Makes me almost forget the snow falling outside. :-)

  3. I agree, this is a very lovely poem. It is interesting to read one's past works, I think, and also to see for oneself just how current and universal they are.

  4. Oh! This proves that sometimes the oldies ARE the goodies :D is a very pretty poem, as is your gor-jiss radar hill picture xx

  5. Flowers manage to bloom despite human intervention!

  6. So glad you brought this poem out to post, Sherry...it's always been one of my favourites! It reminds me to not fret, to just let things be...a lesson I keep needing to relearn...:)

  7. Timeless thoughts, enjoyable and nicely flowing.


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