Friday, November 5, 2010

Being Peace

[image of Iraqi refugees from]

In my Peace Globe hopping with yesterday's Blogblast for Peace, I have come across some amazing individuals. You can visit Mimi's site at to check out the list of over 300 participants, if you wish. There are some inspiring peace activists listed there.

The woman I am blown away by is Allie McNeill at
She has "adopted" a displaced Iraqi family, who fled the war in their country and are trying to make a new life in the States. They have been so affected by war that the children still play low on the floor, below the windows, and the whole family startles at loud noises.

Allie is doing everything she can to welcome them to their new home, and is giving hands-on assistance, gathering resources from wherever she can to help them with their needs.

She is compassion in action. She is Doing Peace, she is Being Peace, she is Peace walking around on legs and holding out its hand. She makes me proud to be a human being.  Check her out if you wish. I found this story to be so inspiring, it makes me humble. We can write all our lofty words and make our dreamy wishes. This woman is out in the trenches, holding out her hand to the dispossessed and the disenfranchised.

What a story! What a woman! You can find this one family's story on her site. They put a face on what happens to ordinary people during war.


  1. Sherry-thank you for sharing Allie's amazing story. I love that the internet gives us another way to connect and to help. She is an inspiration. Every little thing becomes one big thing!

  2. What a beautiful blog...thank you for what you said...I am grateful that their story is being shared...( I did update blog tonite,so sorry-because it disrupted your link...I will get you the link to the other story)...thank you for caring and for your compassion....very grateful

  3. The US media completely ignores the Shia Moqtada Sadr, without whom Iraq cannot be solved. What right did the US have in Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Vietnam. Okinawa ..

  4. what a beautiful heart this woman have. despite her own situation, her heart is bigger than most.

    lovely story. thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi there Sherry-

    Thanks again for sharing this touching story.. I have tears in my eyes now.. The kindness that people CAN show is truly amazing... How many people would adopt an entire family into their home?! WOW! That woman is REALLY living peace! God bless her...
    I hope the family heals- it takes time but it seems like they are very fortunate to have a safe place to call 'home.' A very sad story with a happy ending...

  6. It is the most amazing story I have come across during this blogblast for peace and shows what one person, one heart, can do for peace in a concrete way.

    I feel what you are saying, Manikchand. I knew the minute George Bush was "elected" (questionable) that there would be a war, and felt physically ill about it.

  7. When I came across this story on Thursday, it moved me deeply, so I'm glad you found the passion in this woman as inspiring as I did. There were a couple of other posts I found folks were living in less than good situations, where their lives are filled with so much death or friction...I have to say, I was close to tears several times over the last couple of days.

    Yes, I like your statement "It makes me proud to be a human being". I think most people are good. It always surprises me how few people are actually directly involved in a war, and those are often government related groups/ armies. The majority of people don't want to fight. They don't want war.
    Yet, it is often larger segments of society who suffer for the actions of these groups. Even not in war, it is the same. There are a few who can make it miserable for many.

    I will always believe people are predominantly good. It just needs a place to show.

    Peace to you and yours x

  8. This is a beautiful post.

    You have lovely photos posted on this blog.


  9. Thank you for sharing the watergatesummer link - amazing woman she is!
    Let's spread peace!

  10. What a wonderful way to celebrate peace, by being peace. :) THank you for sharing our fellow bloggers story, and her kindness and generosity to this family.

  11. You make me believe the best in people. Thank you.


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