Friday, November 5, 2010

Paper Mill Dam in the Fall

The sun came out golden and glorious this afternoon and I ventured over to Paper Mill Dam, on the river not far from my place, to take some pix and enjoy the river, rushing high, to the tops of its banks, at this time of year.

This spot here is a favorite in summer. There are huge boulders all across the falls, now covered by water, and swimming below the rapids is a popular pasttime on hot summer days. People have drowned in the rapids though, so everyone keeps a sharp eye on the swimmers. The last woman who drowned was a healthy 38 year old, a strong swimmer, but she got caught in the currents.

This river runs for miles and miles..........people often put their big inner tubes in the river way out by Stamp Falls, and drift down-river to just above Paper Mill Dam. Takes all afternoon - another cool way to spend hot afternoons.

Up the path............

The trail was in deep shade, among the trees and I am blind as a bat so I couldnt tell till I got home that the definition of the water wasnt what I had hoped for.

Still shady but a better shot of the water. This spot is a favorite for fishermen, who are often to be seen on the rocks that jut out into the river above and below these rapids.

Pup so loves this spot. I miss him when I follow these trails, all of which I have always walked with him. Today he limped painfully down the road and back, about a block each way.
Poor old man.

Once I got out of the trees, it was cool to see the river open up
There was bear scat on the trail - the old bear has been eating a lot of brown leaves - and, hopefully, the occasional fish from the river. Some of the coho are still running.

Back along the trail the way I came.......

Still after that water time!

Back to the foot of the trail ~ this time the colors caught my eye.

As I was driving home, I looked to the left and glimpsed fall colors across the valley with the blue hills in the distance. I pulled over and walked back........

The foreground is too dark but I so love the hills and sky........
I was standing under trees again, too much shade on the camera.

Still trying to capture the colors of the trees in the valley..........I could not find a clear spot to get my shot - to the right they have turned half the valley into an industrial site, so vantage was limited. I tried not to gnash my teeth at the industrial mess to the right, preferring to focus on the trees, the hills, the river winding down below.

It looks like this is as good as we're going to get today!
Will take you back again one blustery rainy windy wintery afternoon:)
I love these spots best in winter - no other people about!
But I sure missed my doggy today. My wilderness companion. Jas loves swimming, and tamer walkies,  but Pup loves the trails, the woods and all of its smells. It stirs his wolfish hackles!


  1. Hi there! I was so mesmerized by your pictures! So lovely! You have an artistic eye!

    Btw, thanks for dropping by my site :)

  2. So wonderful, Sherry. How lucky you are to enjoy the privilege of unspoilt nature and pure water. I feel like you invited me to take a walk with you.

  3. I think you stirred my wolfish hackles; I love trails and the beauty of fall's magic!

    Where I grew up, the town wharf was the local draw. I use walk down in the evening,when it was snowing. It was so peaceful and calm to be alone in my favorite spot. I would go behind the summer cottages, to peer and see If there was anyone at the wharf, to be safe. Isn't always good to be in locations like that, alone at night. Sometimes my family would go and sometimes not. When I return home, I have to arrive there first. I'm not home, til my feet hit the wharf!
    I love the photos and the way you guided me through this enchanting spot! xXx

  4. Hi there! Just stopping by for the first time after you commented on my blog!
    I just LOVEEEEEEEEE your pictures! WOW! I never made it over to Vancover, but I have always heard how beautiful and scenic it was...
    Enjoy the Fall season...

  5. Thank you, kind readers. I do take you along on these jaunts, always trying to find a good vista to share with you. Ellie, I can see the wharf and hear the waves, in my mind........

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by our blog. Those are such lovely pictures and what a lucky person you are to love somewhere as pretty as that. I love living out in the country but have never tried the wilderness. What fun to see all of nature at its best. Love your doggies. There are two that live here too.
    Take care.

  7. Thank you for this post. I very much enjoyed the walk and your company.


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