Thursday, November 25, 2010

Out In the City

[This is my son, Jeff. I've written about him before. He is an amazingly talented individual, who composes classical music, poetry, songs , sonnets and odes. He plays guitar, piano and drums. He has walked a difficult path the last twenty years, but he recognizes it as his soul's path, and he has gained much wisdom along the way. He has the kindest and gentlest of hearts, as often is seen in those who suffer greatly. He has just emerged from chemotherapy for lymphoma, and is on a maintenance routine of chemo for the next two years. He has a wonderful doctor, and is expected to continue to do well. Tonight he phoned me  to tell me of a trip downtown he made that inspired a song. He read me the words and I asked if I might share them with you. Then he rang off to set them to music. Later, he will call and sing me the song. Pretty cool!

Oh! He did call and I didnt make it to the phone. He left me a message: "For God's sake call me! I've written a f*-ing masterpiece!!!!!!" Hee hee. I'd better phone!

Jeff Merk
Nov. 26, 2010

We two old friends sit at the old cafe
Laughing out because it is the day.
Still laughing we behold the starlit sight
Of evening turning slowly into night

Out in the city-
A sheer delight
Out in the city-
Filled with light

Adults laugh and dance
With dancing children
To soothing strains
of singing street musicians.
It’s a new street
in every day and season.
No one needs to know
the rhyme or reason.


I am the one who knows
I do not know,
And seeming silent
In the falling snow,
I am no more afraid
to live or die,
Because of what
I’ve found
within your eyes.


Feel free to trace
the footprints in the snow.
Where would you like to stay
Or gently go?
I love the faces
of the passersby,
But homeless people
always make me cry.



  1. Clearly, you have a lyrical gene running in the family! A great sunshine song!

  2. OMG!! I love reading his work :) A NEW ONE, even *thumbs up*. Am glad you shared this, thank you... xx

  3. Words of a sensitive soul. Thanks for sharing this with us, Sherry.

  4. Yes, a sensitive soul. It is a privilege to be the mother of my four amazing kids. My journey with Jeff has been my soul's journey as well as his.

  5. Sherry,
    Your son is a wonderful writer and most definitely a sensitive soul. How proud you must be.

  6. What a talented son!! And how nice that he so willingly shares his talents with YOU.

  7. Jeff seems to have inherited the creativity of his mother! You must be so proud of him.


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