Thursday, November 25, 2010

Welcome to the World, Baby Noah!

Noah Samuel Provost, born November 18
7 pounds, 13 ounces
He was in intensive care for the first two days,
but then went home
with mom and dad. 

In his bunny suit, going home from the hospital.
His soother is as big as his face!

Nappin' in the carseat while Mom and Dad shop.
(Probably buying stuff for Baby!:))

A closer look at this sweet dreamer.

At home, getting some good zzzzz's.

Mom and Dad, Lindsay and Richard,
relieved and happy to be home
with Baby safely here.
All is well!
Lindsay is my cousin Sandra's daughter,
my second cousin.
She and Rich live in Kelowna now, after some years in Hawaii.
My Aunt Donna and Uncle Don are her grandparents, and are
so happy to have the young people living in town now, close by.

Welcome to Planet Earth, Baby Noah!

You're getting your first look,
but there's tons more to see.
It is a really beautiful planet.
Mom 'n Dad will show you lots of cool stuff.


Here are your folks, Lindsay and Rich, down by Okanagan Lake, 
in the summer before you arrived.

Waiting for Baby Noah.
Next summer, you'll be going to the lake too,
like your Mom did when she was little.

This is such a beautiful array of photos
to show you how in love and happy your parents were,
waiting for you to arrive.
[These black and white photos, and the one color photo below, were taken by
Tamara Poppitt of Poppy Photography of Victoria.]

Your dad is telling a secret to your mom. I'll bet it was about you!

How many kids get to have a beautiful Mom AND a beautiful Grandma?
Sandi and Linds

Noah, let's look back at some of the people in your history.

Your Grandma Sandi and I have been close since she was born and I was twelve years old. I used to babysit her and her brother, your Uncle Cal. Grandma Sandi used to come with me and my kids on our hikes  up Knox Mountain. Here, she is about eighteen.
She has always loved the Lake.

And she has always been beautiful, inside and out.
She has what I call a True Heart. You'll soon find that out
because she has loved you since you first began.  Since you were a tiny speck in the universe,
she has been waiting for you.

This is Grandma Sandi with HER Grandma Marr.
Sandi and your Great-Great-Grandma and I
were all very close, always. Here they are visiting me at my little house
full of children on Ethel Street.

Guess who this is? Your mom, Lindsay,
the light of your Grandma's life.
(Now you're another light!)

Your mom was getting a little daughter Stephanie
remembers Lindsay chasing her around the table with a big greasy turkey drumstick, when they came for Thanksgiving dinner the year Linds was two :)

and bigger still........

Grandma Sandi has always loved the ocean. When I lived at the beach,
she would come to visit me
and we would walk for miles, then sit on the rocks or the sand just staring at the waves.
Wait till you see the ocean! It is BIG!

Here we are at sunset. The end of a beautiful day.

This is your Great-Grandpa Don and Great-Grandma Donna,
who are going to enjoy watching you grow!!!

Here is your family, when your cousin Lori, my sister, visited last summer.
Everyone was waiting for you.
Lori loves horses. Wait till you see what she got you for a present.
Sorry, it isnt a pony! :)

Your Clan. The people who will love you the most your whole life.

We're going farther back now. Here is Great-Grandpa, looking pretty cool and suave!

When he was younger, Don drove this zooty car.

Don, Sandra, Cal and Donna.
I  loved their cute little house
when I used to babysit there.
I learned how to keep house from the way
Donna looked after her little home.

Sandra, age three.

One year Sandra and Cal were in the local paper on Christmas Eve.
So adorably cute they were, Sandra with her huge blue eyes, Cal with his big brown ones.

Once when Cal was being admonished to clean his plate, because
"there were hungry children in the world", he said
"Why doesn't somebody feed dem, den?"
So true.

Here is a family Christmas
with Great-Great Grandma and Grandpa Marr,
Great-Grandma and Grandpa
 Sandi and Cal.
I remember that pink dress my Grandma
was wearing. She had a pale turquoise one
just the same.

We went a long ways back. But it doesn't seem so long ago to those of us who are older.
We love seeing you arrive, a new little person that we can watch experiencing the world.
We will see it all brand new once again, through your wide eyes.

Welcome, Baby Noah!
You already have a lot of fans!


  1. What a wonderful scrapbook of memories for baby Noah to enjoy one day. Well done, Sherry.

  2. What a wonderful commentary! A labor of love for little Noah.


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