Monday, November 1, 2010

In The Infinitely Possible Universe.....

Taking time out of time,
I can,
this morning,
without leaving home,
lift my heart out of life's
gobbling dailyness,
setting it free
the infinitely

I am sitting in an upper row
at the Imax,
and on the big screen
in front of me
spreads the Kalahari,
lions stretching and yawning
in the amber glow
of the African veld,
herds of wildebeeste
flowing across
the brown and endless land,
a wave of life
surging to a
common shore.

Now I'm siting
in a stone hut
in the Himalayas,
drinking butter tea.
In the glow of the fire,
warm brown faces
smile at me
with kind eyes,
their expressions radiant
with the peace
of their hearts'

Walk with me
the Great Wall of China,
then let's nip over to
see the rounded shapes
of the Mystic Mountains.

Or travel the Camino,
five hundred miles
a pilgrim,
sleeping on stone benches,
the trail one long thirst.

In Dharamsala,
I sit with red-robed monks,
in a silence so vast
the veil parts,
I am half in
and halfway out,
between two worlds.

There are
no limits

So now we travel space,
a vast blackness,
stars scudding past,
exploding and imploding,
the glow
of comet-dust
upon our seeing eyes.

Time to come home,
and I'm most happy to -
home to my tiny trailer,
with its barking dogs,
its clean, green
sweep of yard
full of marmalade-colored leaves,
cheerful with Tibetan prayer flags,
bamboo wind chimes,
waiting porch swing.

When I first wrote these words
my nearest neighbor
was a tender newborn foal,
small as a medium-sized dog,
who clung to life
with a sweet tenacity
and spooky pale-blue
and inquiring

He left this world
fourteen months later,
was buried with his
favorite ball
in a green spot
where now an apple tree
blooms each spring.

There is a bench
for sitting,
and remembering
Baby Leo,
his spirit
now running free
in some other
in this


  1. Butter tea actually has some salt in it and lots of butter lol

  2. Sherry,
    I love this and the pics are wonderful!


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