Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To End All Wars

[image from crystalchild.net]

War is the final destination of hatred.

This is a quote from the dvd To End All Wars. I look at this sunny hopeful radiant face above, one of the Indigo children,  and think of children all over the world, trusting adults to create a safe world for them to live in.

As I watched the end of the documentary Trinity and Beyond last night, they touched on the issue of radiation causing cancer. In the government-speak of the day, they filmed a man explaining to the public, "There may be a 'few' people who develop cancer as a result of exposure to radioactivity from these detonations. Radioactivity affects the plant life and water on earth, and is carried into plant-eating animals which humans consume."

[He failed to mention we all also breathe.]

He went on, "These 'few' may be considered unknown soldiers, in a war that hasn't been declared, a war that our development of these weapons has prevented."


Pardon me while I have a hissy fit!

I reflect upon the rise in cancers all across North America in recent decades.

There are more than a few "unknown soldiers" in a war they never signed up for.

They finally stopped testing in 1963. Then other countries began.



  1. Thats the reason why most of the rest of the world don't trust the US and we are now seeing a tremendous amount of chemicals in all our food, fast deteriorating air quality, a lot of adulteration as well and in the words of Tagore in the poem Prashna, or the Question, he asks the Lord if He has ever forgiven those who poison our air, has He ever loved those who shut out His Light ...

    Hey that was a staple mandatory in primary school but sometimes I wonder how it stays relevant


  2. It is all very distressing, what human beings mess with, unaware of the far-reaching outcomes. I keep believing Peace is Possible. Because I have to.

  3. Man-made apocalypse is not far-fetched. Greed of men for power, the never ending pursuit for material wealth and technological advancement will lead us to that end.

  4. never give men any power. This is what you get.


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